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  1. Is the Unos Pizza there more kickass than in other states?
  2. Is Dunkin' Donuts better in Massachusetts? Is McDonald's better in California? Is KFC better in Kentucky? Seriously, are you this #$%#ing stupid?
  3. I want to go to that plaze called chicago something oven company. Where they have the pizza pot pie stuff. And the mediterranean bread.
  5. Ginos east, Lou malnattis and giordannos are all better than uno
  6. Arillo's (sp)
  7. Vince's on Harlem > all
  8. but it originated there!
  9. "chicagoans"

    anyway, the only thing that tastes better here than anywhere else is our hotdogs.
  10. and gyros
  11. I dont think you know this place, but have you ever had the Char House?
  12. No, where is it? Oh, and you should go to King's gyros on Milwaukee and Foster. Order a gyro with sweet basil sauce.
  13. We got one in the burbs, but I heard they came from downtown Chi. Also, when I spend a weekend in Chicago, I will have to visit all these fascination cultural food restaurants
  14. #$%# the burbs
  15. word. I got Fermilab backing our ass up though. We all know what is really going down there.
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    Subscribe to Time Out Chicago, LIKE NOW!!! You'll never be bored when you have this mag.

    Oh, and what burb you live in?
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    Batavia. Next to Aurora (Hate that town).
  18. ouch dude, right on the edge
  19. yeah, anything west is farmland. Luckily its only a 40 min drive to Chicago. 20 miles as a crow flies.
  20. not bad
  21. Yes.

    Unos is fvcking fantastic.
  22. Yep, agreed. Lou Malnatti's is my favorite.
  23. Yeah, you were telling me about that. I still gotta get down their one of these days.
  24. ive had it, wasant that impressed
  25. I was born in the burbs-Evanston. I don't remember where Corks is from but if he is in the bay area- Zachary's in Berkeley is amazing good.

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