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  1. the H2 has become a chick car, take a look at the driver next time you see one, 4 out of 5 times its a chick, which makes me think, how safe is it to have a 100lbs women behind the wheel (which she cant see over) of a 6000lbs SUV?
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    The Hummer H2 is one of the most masculine vehicles on the road.

    It's about as much of a chick car as a Sherman Tank.
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    The Hummer H2 is one of the most masculine vehicles on the road.

    It's about as much of a chick car as a Sherman Tank.
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    Um, no. The H2 is a "chick car." The H2 was built for the people who are ignorant enough to want the Hummer name without the Hummer function. Only a woman could design a car that was made for heavy military use that weights less than 3 tons, and mostly women drive them. The H1 is the mans car: Impossible to park, impossible to fuel, and impossible to break.
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    Anyone that thinks the H2 is a chick car is either blind, or has no understanding of that phrase. Just because a few women happen to like an extremely masculine vehicle like the H2 doesn't make it a chick car in the least. A chick car is a car that has feminine and/or wimpy styling, regardless of who drives it. For instance, if someone thinks that the Porsche Boxster looks like a chick car then they would have to also feel that way about the similar looking Boxster S, even though most women don't buy that version because they aren't willing to spend the extra money for the increased performance. The majority of H2 owners are men anyway. The demographics I saw listed for the H2 said that 73% of the H2 owners are male.

    The H2 DOES weigh over 3 tons.

    As for why the H2 was built, it was to make an SUV that was a much better and more practical daily driver (faster, less wide, etc.), that still retained a lot of the H1's off-road capability (at least 90%), while costing half the price. It was designed to compete with luxury SUV's like Escalades, Navigators, etc., while offering much better off-road capability, and retaining most of the luxury and convenience of those other SUV's.

    Off-road, the H2 still outperforms anything in its class. The fact that the H1 is ridiculously wide doesn't make it a mans car, but the H2 is still wider than anything else in its class anyway.
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    I only saw one man driving a H2. And I see alot of them.
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    maybe 73% of buyers are men, which i dont belive, but after they are bought there wives drive them, not them, so yes, when 9 times out of 10 its a women driving a certain car, it becomes a chick car.
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    Car and Driver reported those demographics that said that 73% of the H2 buyers are men. They were reporting this within the context of saying that GM was surprised that there were that many women buying H2's. The information comes from GM, and here is one of the many links that report the same info:

    Here is a quote from the article so people don't have to click on the link: "GM reports that the average H2 owner is 41, college educated with an annual income of at least $215,000; 73 percent are men, 12 percent are Hispanic, 9 percent African-American; 44 percent are entrepreneurs, half are self employed."

    Saying that 9 times out 10 you see women driving H2's is ridiculous.

    Again, women liking, or even driving a certain vehicle doesn't make it a chick car. If the car itself has feminine styling then it's a chick car. The H2 is extremely masculine.

    Cars I think of as chick cars are small, and/or have small displacement engines, like the Boxster, S2000, 3 series BMW, Miata, etc.
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    I can only remember the last 4 Hummers I've seen well enough to tell you that 3 of them were driven by men, and 1 by a woman.
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    How many times have u seen an H2 duking it out with a hole full of mud...probly near zero...i think its definatly a chick car...i see at least 20 a day and about three fourths are driven by women taken their children to soccer or going to the grocery store...and thats fine...if a guy wants a real hummer he will get the good ole H1 and let the knockoff to the ladys...lets just hope the army NEVER EVER uses the old ones over the H2...i dont think that will ever happen
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    this may be because i dont live in a city but i see h2's beat up often. i live in ketchikan alaska and ive seen some pretty beat to hell hummers. h1's and h2's. and the h2 may not be the best off road beast out there. hence the name, its the second best.
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    LOL my neihbor is loaded, he has a black H1.

    Thats not wuts funny, the funny part is that my neigbor is like 80. It's hilarious seeing an 80 year old man driving his grandson to Walmart.LOL
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    Well if it's anything, it's a yuppy mobile. Honestly how many soccer moms that own one of these are gonna take it off-road, None! Ok the H1 thats different. Only rich ppl can afford one also but, you see more of them being used the way they were ment to be used. As a mans vehicle to be taken off-road.
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    if cars you thing of chick cars are small, and/or have small displacement engines, like the Boxster, S2000, 3 series BMW, Miata, etc. you have alot to learn.
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    its more of a guy car. my dad bought one but everywere we go guys are always looking at us.its not a chick car at all.
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    all you whinning little children please shut up. you are uneducated jack asses who have nothign better to do than to made idiotic comments that have zero validity. the H2 is a truly amazing vehicle, regardless of it being a chick car or guy' car ( it being a true man car).it can crush any little toy u own.
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    i actually got an h2
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    I honestly don't know why you poeple think this is a chick car...Like you have to be at least semi-retarded to call it a chick car...Ford Explorer

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