Chicks that fight

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  1. I like girly girls with nice dresses and big eyes so this is not for me
  2. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. LV is back too?


    I like watching UFC every so often. If a guy goes down and can't defend, the match gets stopped, so there is no beating of defenseless persons. Yes, it's a human cock fight but, better them than actual chickens. Boxing is no different, regardless of how you try to romanticize it. Yes, it's just enjoying a violent match between two trained people, just like porn is just enjoying some skeezers getting proper throat #$%#ings. Although I will say I enjoyed it more when it wasn't so much MMA as it was different fighting arts going against each other.

    On topic, the chicks are pretty gross though. And, muscle chicks are the worst. They're dudes with tits.
  5. Its actually found to be that mma fighter suffer less brain trauma by a significant amount.
    Reason being, no standing eight counts. Once a reference decides to intervene the fight is over. In boxing if the fighter is wobbled or knocked out. As long as he wakes up or can stand by the ten second count he's allowed to continue. Meaning a boxer can receive multiple concussions in a single fight. As well as the bigger boxing gloves allow the fighters to throw with wreckless abandon with far less risk of breaking their hands. Meaning a fighter can also endure far more power punches in a single fight.
    Also figure I'm body impacts and submissions and there are far less traumatic brain injury occurrences in mma.
    American football still has far more brain injuries. As well does mogul skiing, water skiing, off road racing, motocross.

    The facts are that despite the barbaric or savage looks of mma. The chance of serious injury during a fight is far less than many other pro sports.
    And over 80% of mma injuries occur I'm the gym and or training than in the ring during fights.
    As distasteful as many people find it. Pugilistic sports are far more natural to humans than organized team sports.
  6. That's being said. With few exceptions. I don't find buff chicks attractive. I like fit women. But if she has bigger legs, arms, and shoulders than me, I'm not into it.
  7. Also. This statement I completely agree with. Though I really enjoy jiu jitsu and may Thai as exercise and as a super effective way to stay active and healthy.
    I don't take it super serious for any other reason than to learn and challenge myself.
    I get driven nuts by the gym bros that come in. The guy who, while touch sparring will throw a random haymaker at their sparring partner. Or try and rip someone shoulder out of its socket while rolling and practising.

    No matter what activity you choose, there always douchebags that sneak in in some form
  8. Is it because her penis is bigger than yours?
  9. Yes.
  10. Chicks WHO fight
  11. you ever get to close to a muscle chick?

    THey don't smell like chicks.

    THey smell like a hockey locker room.
  12. I'm into chicks that lift but there's a very distinct line that once it's crossed she looks like shit. I just can't figure out what the marker is.
  13. I know what you mean. It's very gross.
  14. I'll take a different stance on chicks who work out. My gym is full of Instamodels. Girls who think that their yoga pants and Instagram account will make them famous. Well, while that might not always be the case, they mostly look and smell great.
    #fitchick. #squatbooty
  15. I mean chick who leg press 800lbs and bench 400lbs. Those are gross.
  16. Those are extremely few and far between. A girl needs serious anabolic enhancement to resemble anything close to male or butch.
    Most times. If they work their asses off, they just end up looking really really good.

    We are past this stage

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