Chinese carrier in pond

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  1. How the hell did they manage to get it in to the pond?

    31° 6'18.06"N 121° 0'50.82"E
  2. In case the Japanses try to invade that pond. Then we'll see who's laughing.
  3. they got there on a billion chinese guys backs
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    Pictures like the one above created quite a stir when they first appeared on the Internet, and blogs and forums were soon filled with stories of China secretly constructing thier first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. At first glance, this aircraft carrier looks quite real. The family resemblance to a US Navy Nimitz Class CVN is undeniable; however, upon examining the photos at the bottom of the page the viewer soon realizes that this ship, in fact, is landlocked.

    So this is obviously not a real carrier. But what could it be? A non-functional prototype, the first step towards the PLN's first aircraft carrier? A stationary 'practice' carrier to train pilots? A life-sized simulation or 'proof of concept' platform?

    Nope. Actually, it is just a really, really cool looking building. Namely, it is the award winning (for creative architecture) "Military Education Center" at the "Orient Green Boat After-School Camp for Youngsters."

    Located about one hour west of Shanghai, the camp was constructed at the shores of Dianshan Lake. It covers 360 hectares, and had 8 major areas: Knowledge Boulevard; Bravery and Wisdom; Education on National Defense; Challenge to Survival; Scientific Exploration; Water Sports; Sports Training; and Practice in Living. The adjoining 5000-hectare campsite and village features a Global Village, with accommodation for 4,000 students in a series of hostels, cabins, and campsites themed to reflect the experience of being in 36 different countries. Sports facilities, a golf course, parasailing, windsurfing, a simulated gun range, rides in amphibious military vehicles, museum displays, video games, aircraft, replica spacecraft, ICBMs, and a park with statues of over 160 world-famous people are also included. Think of it as a cross between summer camp, a school field trip, and a communist EPCOT Center.

    The "ship" itself is of traditional steel-frame building construction, and is a generic aircraft carrier about 7/8 scale to a Nimitz. Inside are military displays, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, games, and other attractions, and on the 'flight deck' there are Chinese military aircraft, such as helicopters, fighters, and attack planes.

    If you ever get the chance, pay it a visit. Busses run from Shanghai and other nearby towns and cities, and admission is only 50 yuan, about $6 US.
  5. okay i was wrong
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    That's awesome!
    Thanx for the info.
  7. Awesome, just awesome
  8. A camp for kids that includes info on ICBM's..awesome.
  9. that is pretty cool
    would love to visit that
  10. Too small to be a conventional carrier but it does seem to be about right for STOL/VTOL aircraft.
  11. Thats so neat, if only I was able to visit something like that as a kid.
  12. USS intrepid is a decomissioned ww2 carrier turned floating musesum and is in ny, I went there as a kid, it was awesome.
  13. I actually was able to tour the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) and it is amazing these things float, really massive with miles upon miles of passageways and only one elavator, for aircraft only. Unfortunately the tour occured before they were landing aircraft on deck, but still an awesome experience.
  14. So it's kinda like when a rich nerd builds his house to look like the millennium falcon or something.
  15. "Orient Green Boat After-School Camp for Youngsters."
  16. Holy Shit that's awesome.
  17. LOL at the people who think that's a real carrier.
  18. china ftwz
  20. Pretty cool.

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