chinese prusa?

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  1. Mine is direct rather than bowden. I'm not a big fan of bowden personally except on printers where the toolhead moves in both X and Y. But there's plenty of versions just like it which are bowden, and there's tons of replacement carriages available so you can swap it from direct to bowden easily so you can do direct for flexible stuff or stuff where you need to do a lot of retractions, then bowden for higher speed

    I've done plenty of printing in PETG at 245 and ABS works fine as well though I don't much like ABS

    Even the assembly kits like the A8 aren't that difficult to put together, the instructions are pretty good, videos on youtube, and an enormous user community on FB (over 35k and it's very active). I think the A8 is a great printer to start with, as it is both capable of a lot, has a huge community, and has tons of mods you can or should do to make it more capable and safer. Generally it's recommended to immediately upgrade the PSU and do a wiring mod where you add a mosfet in for the heater bed that makes it a much safer design. It's about $40 to do.

    If you want to learn a lot and tinker around, the A8 is about perfect in my book. If you want something that will work out of the box and you don't have to do anything to it, the Monoprice select mini or maker select would probably be better for you
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  2. s++ post, yh.

    anet it is for my bros, monoprice for my folks.
  3. I have a prusa i3 reworked model and a friend of mine has a Chinese acrylic copy. There is less than 1% difference in the printers.

    The thing with the Chinese ones is the lack of clear instructions on the wiring which is something to keep in mind if it's going to be a gift. Also, its screen went out after 2 months.
  4. Oh man that made my day to see, I'd totally forgotten about that. Those were the days

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