Chris Brown beat up Rihanna

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  1. i want to see a video of this
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  3. THATS WHAT THEY SAY? I thought it was snap my picture
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    Chris Brown should do a SOL remix.
  6. I wonder how it feels to kick rihanna in her ****

    Chris Brown reportedly attacked Rihanna last Saturday night, leaving her bruised and battered. The 'Umbrella' singer is fully co-operating with police - who booked Chris on suspicion of making criminal threats - and has now also alleged Brown threatened to kill her during the attack.

    Rihanna and Chris started arguing after leaving Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party on Saturday, February 7, resulting in Chris stopping his silver Lamborghini in a Los Angeles side street. Gossip website E! reports Rihanna threw Chris' car keys out the window, sending the 19-year-old singer into a rage.

    After failing to find the keys, he allegedly returned to the car, put his hands around Rihanna's neck and screamed: "I'm going to kill you." It is claimed Rihanna lost consciousness and when she came round Chris had fled. Officers who attended the scene were said to be so shocked at her "horrific" injuries - including a split lip, bruised face and bite marks - they drove her straight to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The singer - who is now in hiding - has cancelled her 21st birthday party, which was due to take place on February 20, and part of her tour

    However, her family have assured her fans she is recovering well. Her grandmother Clara Brathwaite said: "I don't want people to worry. Rihanna is fine and she is doing well." Yesterday, the Los Angeles district attorney asked police to look for more evidence in their case against Chris.

    The investigation needs to be carried out before formal charges are filed against the singer. District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robinson confirmed: "Prosecutors asked for further investigation. No further comment at this time." Chris' former step-father has spoken out about the alleged incident, claiming he "wouldn't be surprised" if the singer had assaulted Rihanna. Donnelle Hawkins - who Chris has accused of abusing his mother, an allegation Donnelle refutes - said: "I wouldn't be surprised. Chris has to take responsibility for his own actions."
  9. The fight that landed Rihanna in the hospital and Chris Brown in jail started when Brown got a text message from a woman asking to meet up. In the Wednesday morning edition, a source tells the New York Daily News...

    "He got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her. She pulled away. That's when she's told people he hit her."

    The source goes on to say Brown has been desperate to speak to Rihanna, but she has cut off all communication.

    "Chris has been trying to contact her. So far she hasn't taken his call. Her family is on their way to be with her. She has some close girlfriend looking after her."

    Wow, look at that Chris Brown. He�s 19 and he�s got the world by the tail. I just hope he doesn�t get any more wonderful, lest he turn into a beam of pure energy and slip the bonds of earth.
  10. the only thing now is that rihanna is going to be some new woman uber-hero and will be on every form of media ever


    first female president right here fellas Rihanna (Umberella Party) 2012
  11. I feel a Lifetime Original Movie™ coming...
  12. Oprah will support her too! So that's another 30% of the votes.
  13. i'll be her rebound.
  14. *insert greatest hits joke*
  15. Rihanna/Obama/Okrah 2012
  16. okra is pretty good
  17. Who's the cockstain that deleted my post? Why would you do that?
  18. Its just what I pictured when I though about TOXA, sitting in some coffee shop with his mac. Drinking some coffee, wearing a black turtleneck and black glasses. Doing anything he can to avoid going home to his girlfriend, who beats him.
  19. rihanna might need plastic surgery

    A few new details today about Chris Brown and Rihanna. I always assumed Brown straight up punched her in the face, but it's still a little jarring to see the words written down in a newspaper. The Sun says...

    The Umbrella singer, who may need plastic surgery, suffered �horrific� injuries after Brown allegedly punched her in the face in LA on Sunday. Cops have also revealed the nature of the 911 call that was made in the wake of the attack. Chief investigator Detective DESHON ANDREWS said: "It mostly recorded the sound of a screaming woman." Rihanna�s injuries were said to include a swollen and bruised face, bloody nose and a split lip, as well as bite marks on her forearm and hand.

    And the Daily News essentially says the same...

    Cops responding to a 911 call found her with a split lip and contusions on either side of her forehead. "She looked distraught and in a lot of pain. Her eyes were closed because she was looking down," a police source (said). The Daily News spoke to a witness Tuesday who heard the raucous fight explode outside her house: "I heard the screaming. It was loud," the homeowner said.

    Honest to god the only way this week could get any worse for Chris Brown is if he somehow could date Chris Brown.
  20. he threatened to kill her

    You probably thought the worst had already come out about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna Sunday morning but that was before the revelation that he choked her until she blacked out and threatened to kill her. See. Life can be surprising sometimes. Yahoo and E! Online say...

    Shortly after midnight, things blew up. Brown pulled his silver Lambourghini to the side of a street in L.A.'s Hancock Park neighborhood. That's when Rihanna grabbed the car keys and tossed them out the window, sending Brown into a rage.
    He tried in vain to find the keys, then came back to the car, put his hands around her neck and said, "I'm going to kill you!"
    She lost consciousness and when she awoke, Brown had fled.
    Her right eye was blackened and badly swollen and she had hand prints on her arms. The responding officers were so concerned about her, they drove Rihanna to the hospital in their squad car instead of waiting for an ambulance.

    Well I guess the only thing left to do now is arrest Beyonce. I'm not sure why but I'm sick of that uppity #%[email protected], and I really feel like this is our chance.
  21. she was bruised up last month too

    The Us magazine that hits newsstands today claims Chris Brown may have roughed up Rihanna at least once before, and maybe as many as ten million times. Okay I made up that last part.

    Brown always had a "volatile" relationship with Rihanna. A Rihanna confidant adds that bruises were clearly visible on the singer's neck in early December. Alarmed, "I asked is everything was OK with her and Chris," says the pal. "She told me, 'We broke up again.' I didn't pursue the issue further."

    With every new article this dude gets worse and worse. Now the New York Times is reporting that he sold enriched plutonium to Libya and, in spring of 2005, he raped me. AW I #$%#IN KNEW IT!
  22. lol, that'll learn the b1tch for playign with his ride!
  23. his rental*
  24. Page #1 in the new paper

    "Rihanna kicked in the #$%#"

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