Chris Brown beat up Rihanna

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Still can't believe Rihanna got beat up by her fella, ella, ella
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    oh shi....
  3. fail
  4. At least your imagination section of your brain is active.
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  6. man i dont even know who chris brown is but this si makin me lol
  7. ohhh now i know who he is. ugh i ahte most his music.
  8. No, funny is spelled F-U-N-N-Y. You spelled it wrong.
  9. Back on topic, it really makes me sick that this #$%# beat up his girl. There's no excuse for that. Its not like he gave her a quick smack and told her to stfu. He chocked her out and beat the shit out of her. I've been pissed off at my girl before, but I could never hit her, let alone actually beat her. Chris brown is a huge pussy ass FAGGOT.
  10. im pretty certain the media would have sensationalized the shit outta it. he prolly only did softened her up a little
  11. we are so awful but i love it.
  12. oh hes black
  13. He's from VA too. Like 70 miles north of where I live.
  14. What an animal. tHIS GUYS deserves to be raped by a buffalo.
  15. This topic was ok before actual wife beating people like members Drift King and Mattco came in.
  16. lol

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