Chris Harris meets the 962

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  2. saw this yesterday. almost always a good video from Monkey.
  3. FUcking love this car, awesome video of it.
  4. Too bad it wasnt on a decent track
  5. Was the track too big?
  6. that track is awesome. to bad they didn't get to show all of it.
  7. Its too small. Wanted him to see pushing it to the limit. He was half throttle 99% of the time.
  8. Yeah nevermind that he doesn't want to wreck a piece of history.
  9. Le Mans gearing only works in Le Mans ...
    And yeah trashing a lm winner for a online video seems like too much of a risk.

    I actually liked the interview part more than the driving
  10. Just a shame about the room they were in and the little kid
  11. yes Porsche would let him push to the limit a car that belongs in a museum

    this was good and enough
  12. there are more than enough 962's.
  13. you could probably fit them all in a mazda 3 right
  16. hmm i dont recall meeting this mr. harris at all, whats with this nonesense?

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