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    Location Paris Sale Date Jul 08, 2006

    Year: 1936
    Chassis No. 47212
    Engine No. 833895

    Engine: six cylinders in line, 3,558cc, 160bhp at 4,200 rpm; Gearbox: Cotal electro-magnetic four-speed; Suspension: independent by transverse leaf-spring and radius arms to the front, beam axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs to rear; Brakes: drums all round. Right hand drive.

    Coachwork: Open two-seater, French blue with tan interior.

    Model history
    Ex-railway engineer Emile Delahaye had been among the founding fathers of the motoring age, and yet the progress of the company began by that his first automobile (which, incidentally, faired well in the 1895 Marseille-Paris race and was among the first vehicles to complete such a task on pneumatic tyres) remained slow and uninspired until the surprise introduction of the thoroughly modern and sporting "Superluxe" in 1934. With up-to-date mechanicals and clothed in appealing coachwork, it gave Delahaye a truly workable model in time for its merger, the following year, with compatriot Delage.

    The merger coincided with a growing demand for fast, high quality tourers at a more congenial price-level than the Hispano-Suizas and Bugattis of the day, and Delahaye's capable Directeur d'Automobiles, Charles Weiffenbach, realised the resultant necessity to prove the new car's worth through competition. A Superluxe model was sent to Montlhéry, where it seized eighteen world and international class records before going on the win the Alpine Cup. Clever marketing capitalised upon this and the company's newly-expanded customer base. With Delage's mantel of elegance providing refreshingly attractive aesthetics, the Superluxe became the 135. Delahaye was suddenly a very serious proposition for any sporting motorist.

    A 3.2 litre 135 came 5th at Le Mans in 1935, but the following year saw a light overhaul of the model and the release of the "Competition type" which duly came 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in the French Grand Prix of that year, and 1st, 2nd and 4th at Le Mans in 1938. Delahaye was now a mainstay of international competition.

    Specific history
    Built in 1936 on a short chassis of 2.700mm (the dimensions correspond to the original), it is probable that the car was fitted with a sporty body, however all that is known is that it was converted to Le Mans style of 1936/7 during the 1970s. During that period the car was owned by a well known Parisian Lawyer, Maître Milliot, member of the Automobile Club de France, who owned several Delahayes. He ordered the construction of this body using numerous original parts which he had acquired during his many years of collecting. The car is currently equipped with a 1938 103 J-type engine and famous elctromagnetic Cotal gearbox.

    After having kept the car for two decades it passed into the hands of an amateur racer from Draguignan who used it in the 1990s and then sold the car to a Belgian collector who participated in the Liege-Rome-Liege 1995, 1998 and 2005, the Mille Miglia 1995 and 2000 and the 1995 Coupe des Alpes with the car.
    Two folders exist with the car containing some receipts and correspondence dating back to 1995, as well as magazine articles on the Delahayes and their technical aspects. The car is offered for sale with a spare fully rebuilt engine block and separate cylinder head, collection of which will be at the buyer's expense.

    Chassis 47212 is clearly not a trailer-queen. The French Blue paintwork testifies to the use boasted by the numerous event stickers that adorn her flanks, among them Liege-Rome-Liege 2005, 1999, 1998 and Mille Miglia 2000. While bearing these cosmetic scars, the bodywork shows no signs of damage or corrosion, and the same can be said for the tan upholstery: used but undamaged. Jaeger instruments adorn the dashboard, as does a Halda Twinmaster rally timer.

    Benefiting from FIA identity papers as well as a FIVA identity card, this is a proven and usable entry into a great many of the historic race and rally events.
  2. Dear Sirs :

    The Ecuadorian State owns a brand 1936 Delahaye Type 135 CS Grand Prix.

    I am responsible for selling , however , we have no record of the vehicle.

    This vehicle was seized by the Ecuadorian State to a very important family of Ecuador . The precedent we have is that the vehicle was brought from Argentina as it has several awards in the country.

    We do not know if the issue you have is a copy or an original, currently the vehicle if the engine works and notes DELAHAYE PARIS . Elements do not have to know if this vehicle is an original or a copy.

    Please I want to have contact with you in order to receive assistance on the value of the vehicle .

    We have the instruction of the national government to sell all 3 classic vehicles but this DELAHAYE we need to know its origin and value. In Ecuador there are no persons or qualified experts we can help .

    Please reference or you can help us directly in this case. If you wish we can send videos and photos of all your vehicle can verify that everything stated is true.

    I look forward to receiving information from you.

    Thank you very much .

    please if you can help me write to: [email protected]

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