Christmas. What does it mean to you?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gempto, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. your dumb
  2. quit w/ the bullshit semantics already.
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    Dude, you look pretty dumb talking about people you don't even know. The do celebrate the birthday of Jesus, the prophet.

    Here you will find new ideas to your world
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    What's with you and your tupperware fetish?
  6. I love Christmass, but it's always been 100% secularized in my family...
  7. I've just respect Comunista and CSL habitat.
  8. it's the best cutdown he can come up with at the moment.

    and Homero, thanks for once again proving my point.
  9. because thats how he got laid last night, he put some pudding in there, mixed it with something to make it thick, then he slid his little we we in it
  10. Your world sucks and is full of religious fundamentalists, don't blame me for that.
  11. Have a problem with being proved wrong?
  12. no, i blame you and people like you for the exact opposite side of spectrum from those religious fundamentalists.
  13. Tupperware... basically means you are in your own little ignorant world sheltered from the real world.
  14. Religious fundamentalists? There are only a few on this site, none of which are even in this thread. Where did that come from?
  15. how did you prove me wrong? you are just partying because its another day when other muslims have no problem targeting Christians on Christmas
  16. Please do not tell anyone about being sheltered, please spare us
  17. We can't be fundamentalists since we all agree celebrating the birth of a guy, no matter everyone's beliefs.
  18. I think he was attempting to explain the definition of a word?
  19. that's not what im talking about.
  20. Now you are such a dumbass for thinking that.
  21. You're still ignorant.
  22. hypocrisy.
  23. Skip the argument, as always.

    Oh, I almost forgot it!
    I friend from Iraq sent me this for you.
  24. Oxaloacetate
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