Christofurr and I need ideas for new watches

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  1. we're both turning 30 and want to buy ourselves something nice. post up recommendations. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 1932 Hot-Rod
  3. A watch with a 1932 Hot-Rod in it.
  4. Ironically I have a watch with a 1920ish car on it but its stock.
  5. Tag Heuer Carrera
  6. I do like them I just don't think I can spend that much on a watch.
  7. xTHE_EDGEx needs to post
  8. srs. I'm surprised he's not here yet.
  9. @xTHE_EDGEx
  10. Maratac big pilot for cheap but cool

    I keep going through phases where I really want a classic stainless submariner
  11. id prefer an IWC big pilot over the submariner. submariner never did much for me. the green on green one is kindda nice i guess.

    whats a maratac big pilot? knock off?
  12. also, LOVE this Baume Clifton
  13. or this Hampton, but I already have a Hamtpon
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  15. There are only two watches.

    The Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster

    Automatic only.
  16. I stopped wearing watches when I was in the army.
  17. Why? Don't most armies provide watches for their troops?
  18. Maybe in some battle units. I wore a watch during boot camp and the course and got fed up with having to worry about the time, all the time. I prefer having a general idea of what the time is, and I have clock access on computers and cellphones. I'd rather not have to wear an expensive piece of metal on my wrist.
  19. I spent a long part of my life hating diamond watches, fake or not. But eventually I had a thing for fake diamond watches. I saw a magical shining light once and it feels like I've got a miracle on my wrist. I understand ther not cool, maybe wear some clothes that make up for it. How about a brown shirt that says I Visited South Dakota.
  20. Here's a nice ensemble for yah. Any t shirt style that is this untrendy is kinda my thing lately.
  21. I've always been partial to Omega. Not the clunky James Bond ones, but the sleek ones that look more like Timmy's Baume Clifton
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