Christofurr and I need ideas for new watches

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Feb 12, 2014.

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    I think it would be cool to get a submariner and not baby it, just really use it as originally intended and beat it up and give it a bunch of character

    and check it out, christofurr told me about the maratac, supposed to be a great movement, and saphire crystal glass for only 3 bills

    think im gonna pick one up, what kinda strap do you think would go with it? im thinkin a big beefy panerai type strap
  2. for daily wear i have tissot prc-200.

    dream watch is definitely a simple AP royal oak like the one pictured below, one of the only watches i prefer on a metal bracelet
  3. I wear a montbranc reprica from green tea china website maybe

    still works after 4 years lol
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  5. +1

    thats my daily ... switch between that and my IWC

    my father hates his Omega seamaster so I might be able to get that off him soon and have one with a metal bracelet

    if I were in the market now I would try and get a nice bell and ross (not really a smart buy but I like the looks) or a glashutte
  6. i almost bought one, but decided it was too expensive
  7. nope.

    i know it's shit. i still want one.
  8. this is pretty cool too
  9. I'm really hooked on Oceanus Manta watches. Don't giveafu that they're Casio. Shame they're so big and were only made available to Japan.
  10. reminds me of a painting for some reason, which is cool. i never did like square cases though.
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  13. That's excellent.
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  15. Why would anyone get the Seamaster when they could get the Speedmaster?
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  17. very nice. clean and classy.
  18. I'm still really happy I chose it. Was fun flying to Sydney for the day to buy it too.

    A watch with decent water resistance would be nice to get, but they all look so boring and same same really.

    Considering not spending much and getting a Seagull 1963. One of the few Chinese watches that have a cool history and actually look really good.
  19. what do you need water resistance for? mine is, and i never showered with it or anything
  20. I don't really need water resistance, but when I'm on holiday and places I'd frequently go swimming in rivers/the sea I never like being without a watch. But that would be a true beater, so I may as well just get a Seiko Orange Monster.

    I'm loving vintage watches at the moment. My dream watch is a nice vintage Rolex Explorer, but that's a few years away. Maybe I'll get it for myself when I cross an important life event like a first child or something.

    This is also tempting as heck but more than I wanna spend...
  21. I'm going to need a link to these. thinking about getting a Kalashnikov. just need to find a place to buy it over here.
  22. I need my Swagger back.

    A couple years ago i was an Alpha. I used to pump iron, go skydiving, go to a range, going to Vegas etc. Basically i was an Alpha Male. I still was lonely but doing these things made me feel macho and not depressed.

    Then i stopped doing these things. And in doing so i lost my swagger. Now i walk like a defeated man.

    A wise man once said, show your adversaries that you're strong even if you're not. Now i am on a quest to be once again an Alpha Male, walking fast with arms out, being rude or obnoxious.
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    There's a good source here but they're usually out of stockā€¦

    ebay is a good option for them. Just choose acrylic crystal or sapphire (must more scratch resistant).
  24. Christofurr, you really made me want an orange monster, and for $200 it does not seem like too much of an investment, can you tell me some more about them?
  25. They are ugly

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