Chrysler 300C vs 300C SRT8

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by CommandoV8, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. This guy seems legit, he doesn't act like a n00b.
  2. Noob, eh?

    Nope, I'm not. I'm 48 years of age, and no poser...

    Just thought you might like to know...

  3. you gotta love the older members that hate anything outside of America, un00bs
  4. Age has nothing to do with being a nOOb, it's how long you've been doing this on the internet, and since you're a new member, you're a nOOb.
  5. As for quality, the first run of any vehicle is filled with problems.
  6. OK, I'm a noob, who's legit....


  7. Don't pay attention to all the jackasses on this site. There have been a lot of terrible new members lately, but its pretty easy to tell you aren't one of them. Every once in a while we get a new member that actually has something constructive to say, haha! I'm Mike by the way and welcome to the forums!
  8. back to the subject, are you willing to purchase a slightly used car or is this strictly a new car search?

    if you are willing to go slightly used still with warranty etc and in almost new condition, you can go the Lexus GS430 or BMW E39 M5 route, one of which offers fabulous performance and good quality etc but is a manual, the other being the more comfortable and reliable one, lacking the M5's performance however.

    brand new i think your only other real alternative would be the CTS-V, which is slightly smaller but better performing(again, only available in manual if im not mistaking).

    personally, i would probably choose a 2003/04 lexus GS430. it has been proven to be very reliable, is quick, comfortable, handles well and imo has nice styling.

    the 300C is one of my favourite cars of recent years, problem is that its new on the market and has yet to prove itself and as you mentioned, the first year of the car has shown to raise a lot of small customer complaints.
  9. Go for the awesome 425 horsepower SRT-8 for the price. Why worry about bugs if you use your factory warranty wisely? Id say if your worried about "bugs" extend the warranty.

    While someones waiting "a couple" years for bugs to iron out they could get hit by a bus and never get to enjoy owning the car. Thats the way I look at it. Get it, have fun, and "use" the factory warranty whenever it becomes necessary.
  10. All good alternatives, all great performers. The 300C holds my current attention because it's new, it's cool, and I guess I'm rooting for Chrysler, and perhaps rewarding them, for a great effort.

    But, by the time the SRT8 appears, I'm hoping most of the bugs mentioned in the "300C Forums" are ironed out.


    P.S. Thanks for the Welcome!
  11. 300C SRT8? Whats that car look like.
  12. I couldn't agree more.
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  14. the 300C Hemi is fast enough for most drivers
  15. why the hell is it that you guys keep trying to turn him towards other products that he obviously is not interested in?

    i will say one thing about it though. . the 300 is going to have terrible resale value. . . its one of those designs that sells really well for a year. .then all of the sudden the manufacturer catches up to the sales numbers and ends up with a huge surplus of vehicles they can't unload. . .so if resale value doesn't worry you, its a great buy. . but i would wait until sales die off (it should happen soon after the srt8 comes out anyways. . .)b/c at that point they will be selling them with 5000+ in rebates. . .
  16. Welcome to the site, its good to have more people over 15 for a change<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  17. Ah, thanks! Great to converse with the Pros...!

  18. if he owns a business/company/enterprise, he can write the car off as an executive vehicle and have almost all of it paid for by his taxes(as deductables) and i have a hunch at his age and considering his current financial situation, he most likely has that option.

    in the summer we are getting two new cars(when our current ones are fully paid for) and theyre going to be owned by the business aswell, only this time they wont be econoboxes(we needed cheap efficient transportation, it was a new business offering free delivery services too), rather some decent rides.
  19. cause they are all biased towards one company...

    the 300 wont have terrible resale value
  20. Bingo...

    You get a Cookie

  21. its the same with the magnum.

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