Church of Scientology printing technology

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  2. I feel sorry for HP, their company name appears way too often in that video :)
  3. yeah thought of that too,

    look at that guy typing on his keyboard, clearly taking us for assholes.
  4. jesus that thing must have been expensive

    edit: Xenu, that thing must have been expensive
  5. Its just linking me to someones channel
  6. And it's paid for with your tax money, good job Americans.
  7. I swear to God I'm going to build myself a CNC router.
  8. wut? How was it paid for with tax money? Theyre tax-exempt but that doesnt mean we give them money.
  9. They have a special agreement with the IRS that allows people to claim scientology related purchases as tax deductions. Some Jewish people tried to claim the same tax benefits recently but were denied. Scientology gets special tax benefits that no actual religion in America can claim. The IRS refuses to respond to any freedom of information requests about the agreement they made.

    The US state department also makes a large effort to prevent any prosecution or bans in other countries.
  10. Thats called being tax-exempt, no different than how donating money to/buying shit for a church or charity is tax deductable. And not paying in is not the same as getting paid by, as you suggested.

    Do I think the church of scientology should be tax exempt? No, but they get the same treatment as other tax exempt orgs.
  11. Are you stupid? I just specifically said they had different exemptions to other tax exempt organisation in America.

    Scientologists evading income tax and passing on the money to the scientology corporation is trivially different to the government just giving them money. It still reduces the amount of government funds while every non-scientologist tax payer has to cover the shortfall.
  12. Now I know where their money donations go to.
  13. I like assembly lines. Those machines are incredible, surely they would move faster if they weren't clogged full of shit.
  14. hate the way that video was shot, thought it was going to give me some sort of epileptic fit
  15. I don't mind jump cuts and quick pans, but the following really pisses me off. When Paul Greengrass directed Bourne Ultimatum, he would sometimes physically shake the cameraman from behind to get the desired amount of 'action'.
  16. youre making an incredibly convincing argument with all this evidence.
  17. what is scientology? explain it to me like you explain things to a twelve year old boy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  18. that's one dangerous thing to ask on such forum..
  19. that's the way you have to have EVERYTHING explained to you.
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    Some jewish people tried to claim the same things scientologist do and the government refused and said it was clearly illegal . The judge said the IRS is giving scientology special tax advantages that are illegal and then as usual no charges or investigations are made.

    Basically normally you can't deduct donations from your tax if you get anything in return for the donation. However unlike every other religion or charity in America, Scientologists can buy products or services from scientology and then claim the money they spent is a tax deductible "donation".

    Someone earning millions per year could avoid paying any tax if he blew it all on scientology books, e-meters, training courses and auditing. If a christian bought 1 million dollars worth of bibles they can't write it off as tax deductible "donation"
  21. Paul Greengrass ruins every good script indeed.
  22. All those people are probably making $50 a week.
  23. Why?
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    #$%#ing use it

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