Church of Scientology printing technology

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  1. Ok, so, 75 million years ago there were all these aliens, right? And they exiled the souls of some of their own to Earth, buried them in our volcanoes, and blew them all up. Now we're all haunted and possessed by them, and unless you donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to CoS, you'll never be free of them.

    The end.
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    As a US tax professional, that's BS. You can take deductions for buying things from charitable orgs, all depends on values, what you gave, and a handful of other factors. The fact that one was a scientologist and another a jew means absolutely nothing. And your last statement is false as well, charitable contributions are limited in a couple different ways including 50% of income right off the bat, non cash contributions are even more limited. If the Christian paid $5m for a verified $1m worth of bibles, he absolutely could claim the other $4m as a tax deduction. It would be a fun audit case that I would want NO part of, but it can be done.
  3. Thats the difference though, scientologists claim the entire amount when it can easily be demonstrated they are getting items of a similar value in return. They claim the deductions on things like paying for a holiday on the scientology cruise ship or sending their kids to a private school run by other scientologists.
  4. 3:19 watch the dude typing. haha
  5. GOD I hate these people
  6. *Xenu
  7. sortof ironic?

    the point i'm getting at is that it's funny because everyone here hates you and wishes you should go away.
  8. I didn't see Tom Cruse.
  9. huge print centers like this always amaze me, but having one dedicated to printing that much bad science fiction is #$%#ing astounding

    where I work, we get a single run of ~200k every month or so and that pretty much pays our bills
  10. Did you know?

    Most of USA's pornographic magazines are printed on the South-shore of Montreal, in Boucherville by Imprimerie Transcontinental?

  11. *single patriotic tear*
  12. We need a moose with a tear, with a canadian flag behind it
  14. I'm surprise its not from Asia.
  16. Lol at porn on paper
  17. we're jut across the border!

    when my friend worked that, we had lots of Penthouse's stuff.
  18. quite nice
  19. lol they force their own followers to fork over STACKS of money
  20. why do they need a big printing facility? this makes no sense.
  21. did you not watch the video?
  22. i did. what do they use it for? printing out scientology books?
  23. it's not like it's just word of mouth. they need a #$%#ton of literature to try to recruit people - and if you think about the sheer volume of it that is just going to go straight into the recycling, if they want to expand as much and as fast as they possibly can they need to print shitloads of stuff to give to shitloads of people
  24. i assumed to have it printed by a third party would be cheaper. i guess not then <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  25. with the amount of money they swindle out of people those machines will pay for themselves pretty quickly

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