Circular Polarizer filters

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  1. what are some good brands? I need to get one for car photos.
  2. shit, these things cost more than I thought.
  3. Ya.
  4. STFU

    (i'm checking)
  5. *Ho
  6. I got a good one for like $15.
  7. I got mine for $20
  8. Hoya.

    and there are different levels of quality in their range, from the basic (green box) all the way through to the Pro1 (black)
  9. Mine is purple!

    Isn't green just the UV filters?
  10. What do you lose by getting the green compared to the more expensive ones?
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  12. Not many yardsales have 67mm circular polarizers of decent quality
  13. I bought a HOYA Pro1 Digital C-PL (the top of the line one) and I'm actually pretty unhappy with it. For one the actual glass is loose in the housing. I also wasn't blown away by the performance of it. I don't know, maybe I just got a bad one.
  14. The Hoya Pro 1 Digital Circular Polarizer takes advantage of Hoya's patented optical glass technology to create a hardened glass that is thinner than the normal optical glass. This allows the overall thickness of the filter to be reduced to avoid vignetting when used with ultra-wide angle lenses.
  15. yes, I saw that. It sounds a lot like typical company dribble.
  16. not much, i personally have a green one.
  17. I honestly doubt there's ever much difference between different models within one brand. And I'd only pay top dollar (like a Singh Ray) if you're shooting with sweet, sweet glass.
  18. 67mm is a very common thread size.
  19. Regardless, I'm still not going to find any.

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