Citroen C6

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  1. Here are the pics of the upcoming C6. Hope it hasn't been posted yet, and I pray it works.
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  3. Oops. Didn't know. But yeah, this car is beautiful and true to Citroen's design heritage.
  4. True, especially the windows and the ironing-thing-shape remind me a lot of the CX.
  5. And the basic shape thing is also reminisent of the SM.
  6. how do cars this ugly actually sell?
  7. Its not ugly, its quirky and unique. It is something different than you typically see out there all the time. It isn't the usual, it is different and makes a statement. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  8. What is it suposed to compete with?
  9. Peugeot 607 & co.
  10. Name a car that compares with the C6 that is availible to buy in the US...
  11. It's supposed to be in the same class as the 300C.
  12. I dontl ike it. ....its quirky, but that doesnt make it attractive, just odd. I see some things that could be tweaked to improve it, but as
  13. Wow this is one crazy looking car
  14. Would've been perfect if they covered the rear wheels like the CX.
  15. wow, that's not actually bad. i usually yelch when i see french car designs.

    i find its looks as awkward as the average new japanese sedan, but i sort of like this one for some reason. would it be a #%!@ to maintain? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. I love how when the French make an ugly car, it's called "quirky", but if Koreans make an ugly car it's just plain "ugly". I wouldn't call it ugly, but it's definitely not attractive to me...
  17. Very good!! Citroen are the only manufacter of normal cars that still
    dare to make different cars.

    You can't drive a more comfortable car than a XM. Their hydral suspension is the best. One thing that confirms that is that some of the mroe expensive cars use the Hydral suspension.

    Hope they make a good engine to this car. Why not a V6 or V8 with 300hp.

    Good work Citroen!!
  18. the 607 was a failure, as was the Vel Satis. are there any reasons as to why the new C6 would be any different.
  19. I'm sure they're dropping in a 3.0V6, as they do for over a decade now with the top-notch French PSA-cars. Glad Renault decided a while ago to go experiment with designs for mass-produced cars as well, it works out just great. But back to Citroën, it seems that after a lot of wasted years in the 80's and 90's (especially the 90's) they're getting back on track again with their designs. Props!
  20. You gotta love Citroen. I'd buy this thing even if it doesn't have an engine, just for the asthetics.
    And thank God they've got rid of dull designs (Xsara, Saxo, etc) and came back to their good old wacky french coolness with the C3, C4 and now the C6.
  21. You're ugly.
  22. Let's not forget the C2, which IMO is awesome.
  23. This car not only isn't ugly, this car is beautiful. YOU ALL SHUT THE #$%# UP AND GO BUY YOUR BORING UGLY PLAIN CARS (S class and 7 series).
  24. I looked at the pics again, and holy shit I want one so bad.
  25. It's awesome. I need media pics, now.

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