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  1. I will spend some time this evening typing up something about the conversion of our motorway network to "ALR" (All Lanes Running), because dealing with the implications of the conversion is quite literally my job so I know a bit about it these days. It may not be interesting, but it's thread appropriate.
  2. I'm glad this didn't happen on my shift! That looks liike a fuckton of clearup.

    Bridge related stuff here is usually people jumping off them and being spread thinly over 200m of tarmac
  3. He miraculously cleared a much bigger nearby bridge that's just 20cm taller (if height signs on bridges can be trusted). That would've been a much bigger disaster.
  4. the
    article doesnt say that the bridge collapsed because he hit it
    is that the conclusion now? seems like quite a hefty bridge, i wonder how fast he was going
  5. It's totally what happened. Presumably around 80kmh, perhaps a little less. It's a pedestrian bridge.
  6. why are they doing this in denmark

    copenhagen (or Albertslund?)


    agnete and the mermen





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  7. The Danes are a bunch of weirdos. Maybe this is just one of their new concentration camp-themed decor fads.

    In other news, I recently learned that legionella can grow inside cooling towers if it's not regularly treated with biocides. France had an incident in 2003-4 when 18 people died from legionella spread by cooling towers.


    Micro-organisms like to cause problems in aircraft fuel systems, too. It's a nasty job to crawl inside a wing tank and scrape off all that poo and algae growing there. A bunch of persistent c*nts.
  8. are these persistent ****s the source of all life on earth
  9. [​IMG]
    Most of Canberra was planned years and years ago, before the city was here. Some weird rules, like no building is meant to be taller than the flag pole on Parliament House. A lot of the city centre main roads are all circular.
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  10. cool. does the traffic flow well
  11. It does, but thats probably more due to the lack of population compared to how spread out the city is.
  12. What advantages does a flat city have over a more densely populated one?
  13. There isnt until densification reaches the point of Kowloon City
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  15. Tokyo, baby.

  16. I love the economy of space

    Japan is interesting because of the limitations of the topography. so many mountainous regions
  17. Olkiluoto 3 by Areva is now undergoing "hot" testing with 20 MPa in the primary circuit. When completed, the reactor should be the first EPR-type reactor in the world, and the largest by net output @ 1600 MWe.

    Originally scheduled to open like 8 years ago, about #@%$ing time.

  18. Meet Israel's new tallest building.
    It will accomodate 10 floors of Amazon, 7 floors of Facebook and a bunch of other companies (like SimilarWeb, Citi Bank, Iron Source, Magic Leap and so on).
    Facebook's rent is destined to be around 16.5 million ILS a year (a little more than $4.5 million). Amazon will pay 36 million a year (~$10 million) for its 22,500sqm.
    It's the one on the right.
  19. whats the rent in the cleft
  20. First commercial flight lands on remote St Helena

    The first scheduled commercial airline service to the remote British island of St Helena in the south Atlantic has touched down safely.

    The virgin flight, an SA Airlink service from South Africa, ends the island's long-standing reliance on a ship which sailed every three weeks.

    It is hoped that the service, funded by the UK, will boost tourism and help make St Helena more self-sufficient.

    But British media have dubbed it "the most useless airport in the world".

    Image copyrightPA
    Image captionThe opening of the airport was delayed by problems with wind
    Built with £285m ($380m) of funding from the UK Department for International Development (Dfid), the airport should have opened in 2016, but dangerous wind conditions delayed the launch.

    After further trials this summer, the weekly service between Johannesburg and St Helena was passed as safe.

    Image copyrightAFP
    Image captionAs seen from inside the cabin, the first ever commercial flight lands at St Helena Airport
    St Helena had for decades been one of the world's most inaccessible locations, served only by a rare ship service from South Africa.

    It is chiefly known as the island to which French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled after his defeat in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, and where died.

    The Embraer E190-100IGW aircraft took off from Johannesburg on Saturday morning, carrying 78 passengers. It reached St Helena in the afternoon after stopping in the Namibian capital, Windhoek.

    "I for one am getting really excited about the new chapter in St Helena's history," said St Helena governor Lisa Phillips.
  21. ((([​IMG])))

    (((market))) lower East side, New York, 1895
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