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  1. I know what you mean, but the pic actually makes the yellow one look brighter hahah.

    Also they sometimes have green led lights here. Now those are SUPER bright.
  2. I love chaos like that

  3. When we get tired of the sea, we close it off
  4. Just a nice picture.
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  5. And from the other side -
  6. What country/city? Brazil?
  7. That's Tel Aviv.

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  8. why is the beach scalloped like that
  9. Breakwaters.
  10. Is it an erosion pattern? I see that the shape of the waves sliding past the breaks is in the same shape as the shore before its even gotten there.
  11. It's probably an erosion thing. I have no idea what it would look like without the breaks.
  12. As usual, Wikipedia is our best friend:
    "The dissipation of energy and relative calm water created in the lee of the breakwaters often encourage accretion of sediment (as per the design of the breakwater scheme). However, this can lead to excessive salient build up, resulting in tombolo formation, which reduces longshore drift shoreward of the breakwaters. This trapping of sediment can cause adverse effects down-drift of the breakwaters, leading to beach sediment starvation and increased erosion. "

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