civics are #$%#in gay

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by Stuttgart, Aug 9, 2002.

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    your sayin buy a used civic and a new mustang or camaro.....or you could buy a used 94 camaro (like i did) for 6,500....and put 8,500 into it.... thats about even with your civic.... i would have over 700 hp in that car .... that would kill any civic
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    Wow it's like your inside my head. I like the movie Fast and the Furious but I dont like the fact that it brained washed teenagers and the press that any civic with a body kit is fast, 9/10 times they didn't touch the engine. i don't like the topic it frustates me, some idiots gonna try to bash me.
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    Your a FUCKIN RETARD. For 15k you could get and tune a Porsche 944 Turbo that would RAPE your rycer. eat my dust
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    Right, Turbo.

    Anyway, around my area, at midnight I hear all these rycers revving their engines and redlining it. It's bloody annoying. Especially considering that they don't have the b$llz to do it in the day.

    Anyway, Just returned from trip to US, NJ and NY specific.

    There's so many cops there! And it's all two lane roads all the way, even on highways!

    Around here, if I wanna get somewhere I'm not really afraid to drive in excess of the limit. In the US, I didn't see a single person hammering it in the left lane, here in Canada, there's always people doing that. But I would say that there, people are arguably better drivers. My father was driving, and whenever he would come up to somebody in the left lane, 99% of the time they would move over.


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