CL 65 AMG and CLK 63 AMG Black Series

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. AMG isn't responsible for any designs, other then bumpers.
  2. WTF? That's a shit load for a CLK63!

    Looks great tho.
  3. and it makes the difference
  4. in that sense you can only compare them to Brabus, lorinser ...
  5. are you autistic?

    Brabus/Lorinser is not an inhouse tuner, AMG is

    I was comparing it to BMW's M and Audi's RS, I thought this was obvious enough
  7. way to miss the point
  8. Because what the world needs is yet another CL/K on steroids. I fail to see the perks of owning something of that sort when so many more impressive cars can be had for 300K EUR. Especially since most people can't even tell the difference between the CL65 and 550.

    Whether it's exclusivity, attention, or performance you're after, there are always better cars like the Murcielago for example. Its designers/engineers care about more than body kits & carbon fiber.
  9. Could this possibly replace the DTM beacuse i like it so much more and its cheaper.
  10. They should be black.
  12. Two hot cars!!!! AMG are really improving their cars these days. Not long ago they were just Mercs with a tunede engine and other rims....but this is awesome!
  13. silver and black are the only two colour options available
  14. Nice, very nice but somehow i like the old 190 evoII better. I love those transvestite(?)looks on that car.

    190DTM > every C-class, just like old DTM > new DTM

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