Clarkson - Thriller

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    I wish they where shoting on the GTR too with the lexus LOL
  2. ahahahaha that was awesome
    especially the part with the 944
  3. Hahahahaha WANT
  4. Yes please
  5. oh joy, more misinformation about cars.
  6. Oh look, another stupid Ron Simmons post.
  7. redundant
  8. i wonder how many people will complain about the tastelessness of blowing up a bus
  9. think it might have shown all the good bits?
  10. You need to just shut the hell up. He's an entertainer, and I wouldn't watch any other car show, they've all been ruined for me because of the greatness that is TG.
  11. Post torrent when it comes out, kthanx
  12. ahahahaha oh lufl <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  13. it's gonna be shit, all clarkson dvds are shit.
  15. that looks really good, cant wait to see the zonda
  16. You guys are a bunch of losers, giddy over a man vacuously acting out all your (insecure) desires of being a real man by being loud and crass. The cars look amazing, but the packaging makes it seem as though the content is already masticated and digested for consumption by the plebeian masses.
  17. you know what matfitz? youve gone too far. you're way out of line
  18. shut it

    HOT DOGs
  20. choke on a dick, #%$got
  21. god I hate the music that has been in Clarkson's DVDs since he started making them during the reign of Queen Victoria.
  22. It actually wasn't bad, I kind of fell asleep during the lamborghini vs Ferrari bit but the rest was great. It's like a sum of his past reviews on Top Gear, but more explosives. I personally liked the previous DVD better.

    Check mininova for a torrent on it. The 700 mb version has decent quality.
  23. if you liked supercar showdown better than this, it's safe to say this is shit
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