Clarkson's joke sparks complaints

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by JOEVXR, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. another punch in face for the BBC
  2. "Jeremy was just being Jeremy, just being himself and that's what people watch the show for, so why change it?".
  3. The BBC said the joke had made "ridiculous an unfair urban myth".

    Forklift truck driver Steve Wright was jailed in February for killing five prostitutes in Ipswich.

  4. FAggots.
  5. Most of the ~500 people who complained probably didn't even watch the show. They're probably all part of some shitty anti-clarkson group who just wait for him to say something 'controversial', find out about it, then call in and complain.
  6. 500 out of 7 million is a pretty small minority.
  7. true.
  8. people will always complain about everything he says.

    People need to get their panties outta their buttcracks.
  9. He's an unfunny asshole, but this complaint is stupid
  10. "Cari Mitchell, of English Collective of Prostitutes..."

    WHAT THE #$%#?!?!
  11. jahahHA seriously
  12. Can you please post the full-sized version of your avatar?
  13. as big as it comes...
  15. punch in face? how is it a punch in face when they dont give a shit and will continue to make idiots angry?
  16. lol i can't believe people bItched about this.
  17. clarkson is awesome and one of the coolest people you could be
  18. his joke about the economical crisis sucks and is racist. the one about mexicans in california not paying up their houses.
  19. heh
  20. How is it racist if it's true?
  21. clarkson fer prezedant
  22. Yeah, it wasn't really that funny anyway, maybe they should be complaining about that.
  23. people take things so seriously these days.
  24. Offensive jokes offend people. Thanks for the info.

    Edit- Not aimed at the thread creator.

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