Classic-Expo in Salzburg (Austria)

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  1. Here are some photos from the Classic-Expo this weekend...

    BMW E31 850CSi

    Citroen DS19 Coupe "LeDandy" Henri Chapron (1964)

    Invicta S1

    VW Bully

    more following soon


  2. Hot-Rod 300 SL Roadster

    Volvo Amazon Estate Conversion by ???

    Jochen Rindt's Lotus Type 72

    Invicta S1


  3. BMW E20 2002 Race-Car

    BMW E21 320 Race-Car

    Chevrolet Camaro Race-Car

    BMW E9 3,0 CSL

  4. CSL and 850CSi cause epic jizz moments.
  5. more pictures of that ridiculous 300SL hot rod?

  6. here they are!

    original 300 SL and Hot-Rod version


  7. some BMW Classics...

    E20 2002 Race-Car

    E9 3,0 CSL

    E9 3,0 CSL Race-Car

    E31 850CSi


  8. wanna see more?

    BMW 600

    Chevy Pick-Up


    don't know...

  9. the last one reminds of gaz M13 chaika
  10. shit, I can't decide if I like it. Usually I love the idea of shit like this but damn, the original is sooo perfect.

    Good pictures man. You're valuable here amongst all the failure.
  11. cool stuff <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. more pics of the Citroen DS19 Coupe plzkthx
  13. I love invicta s1.

  14. Citroen DS19 Coupe "LeDandy" Henri Chapron (1964)


  15. I think, it's a Bel Air
  16. Is the hotrod version a real 300 SL?
  17. loooooove that DS. such a sexy car
  18. Seriously doubt it. I've seen similar things done with recreations.

  19. it's a ford fairlane (1956)

  20. It is based on a 1956 ford custom fairlane

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