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  2. I saw that R5 turbo irl and god did those wheels look beautiful. Probably cost a million bux.
  3. Don't worry Joao, I got ya covered. Behold, a cavalcade of wondrous Eye-talian rims! Please note I already posted an example of Ferrari's wire rim.
  4. And more.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I know. I really was looking for uploading 5-spoke Speedline classic Ferrari wheels, like the F40 or such. But damn V3 wouldn't let me... I tried, I swear!
  6. I so very nearly picked an F40 to download... What a machine; it's still devastating by today's standards. The first image was taken by a friend of mine. Their neighbor across the street knows someone who collects Ferraris, and by the gods, look what he's got! Sadly, I missed the F40, although I have seen his 360 Modena.

    The next is from my trip to the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello; yeah, it's a crap picture but would you look at what's in that room! I did the best I could, but I must have been shaking from the sight. An Enzo is just out of the shot. The third pic is just a high-quality image I found online. Enjoy!

    Also, were the 288 GTO's wheels by Speedline? Surely they were, considering the wheel design and the car's rally intentions.
  7. WINRAR!
  8. The only wheels that should be mounted to an XJ220.
  9. Oh man! That's awesome! Who's your friend's acquainted? Tha's an US-spec F40, right?
    Do you have any more pics from your visit at Maranello? Man I'd really like to go there at least once! Is it expensive to enter?

    BTW, I'm pretty sure those alloys were in fact Speedlines, as you mention.
  10. Thanks for your interest! I love talking about the trip, especially to fellow tifosi, so I'll create a whole new thread for that in Classic Cars. The owner of the F40 is part of a family that owns a large chain of retail stores here in the U.S., hence the bank account. He also owns a 246 Dino and had just bought the 360 when I saw that. I begged them to call me the next time he brings over the F40!

  11. No sweat! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> How wouldn't I be interested? It's one of my long-term dreams is to go to Maranello!
    Anything and feel free to PM me! If I haven't been there, at least I like listening / reading on who has experienced those kinds of things!
  12. What is this alfa?
  13. That 'Alfa' is a 1981 Lancia Rally 037.
  14. lol @ Fiesta
  15. astra gte? Intra 5.5JX14H2 split rims, i've got this rim still in original GM box with stud covers
  16. ssr mk1, mk2 and mk3
    hayashi sakura
  17. All of those are awesome.
  18. Do want on the Honda.
  19. Oh oh oh yessssssssssssssss!
  20. XKE Lightweight knock-offs
  21. Michelin Peugeot Steels

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