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  1. ferrari takes a backseat to ths car. what a beautiful car and a top speed of 174? that was revolutionary back then. Ferrucio Lamborghini didnt like Enzo Ferrari so he created the miura to spite him, and he ended up creating a better car. Ferrari made a lot of great classics but nothing that could match the performance of the miura. the miura P400 s can do 0-60 in 5.5, there's not much from ferrari back then that could match that<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah...<!-- Signature -->
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    I know of one car that is comprable to this in the 60's, although i don't think they offered it in the roadster, but Jag's old-school v-12 was a damn nice engine, I'm fairly sure I could get either of my Jag's up to 150 maybe, 160... but after that I dont think I would trust the near-40 year old technology.. the miura is a classic though, if you have the money to buy a 60's full out performance car, get a miura<!-- Signature -->
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    This car is da bomb.<!-- Signature -->
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    This is probably the best-looking classic Lambo ever made.<!-- Signature -->
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    Not only is the performance amazing, but the turns just as many heads now as it did back in 1968.
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    To me the Miura is the most beautiful classic Lamborghini. This roadster would have been a nice addition to the Lambo range. The car's colour suits it very nicely. I'd love to own a Miura. The person who ends up buying this would be the owner of something very special indeed!
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    this is definitely my favorite classic. There was absolutely no other car like the miura at that time.<!-- Signature -->
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    I Agree. Although there were other amazing cars, the Miura was superb!<!-- Signature -->
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    maybe second in my opinion, obviously after none other than the diablo, but best classic, no doubt.
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    Naw the Best Lambo classic(from this decade)is the Miura S Jota,but this one is one of the best no doubt.
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    I love the Miura, I think this is the one Lambo I would want more than the any of the others . . . well maybe, I would like to have a Diablo too.
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    Ferrucio Lamborghini didn't create the Miura to challenge Ferrari, he created the 350GT first. The Miura was his third model, but it was his best..
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    The jags V12 wouldn't get to the Miura, but i know a car which could: the Iso Grifo 7 Litri

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