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  1. Nice, but really slow.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree. Drop it a half inch at the front, and this is one beautiful car.
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    This car is gorgeous. It doesn't matter how fast it goes when it looks this good standing still.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes, this is a beautiful car. I would also lower the front end a bit.
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    Or put a big spoiler/wing at the front <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It sure is classy.
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    I know someone in the middle east has one of these with only 7000 kms. Its in mint condition. He also had a little drag race with a 450 SL Merc. The Maserati absolutely trashed the manual Merc. Its really a classic and still is very attractive!
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    The zero to 60 time is actually about 7 seconds. And the picture is deceiving, you can't lower the front. That spoiler is right next to the ground already. I just sold mine to a guy in Canada. I thinks it is a much better car than contemporaries from Ferarri and Lambo. And its actually fairly reliable for a twenty year old Italian car. Its certainly more bang for the buck than a 308 and I think it is much prettier.
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    Yeah i agree with you totally there they have a really sweet engine it may not be one of the fastest cars but it certainly is beautifull it has really nice lines and is very elegant but i dunno about comparing it bang for buck against the ferrari 308 .u can pick one of these up today for about 50,000 while the 308 for about 75,000 but thats purely my own perspective
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    Is this the best car made in 1978? I want to own the best car made in the year I was born. So far its this and the Lambo. The Porshe pics werent there so I havent seen those two. Let me know your opinion.
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    saw one of these at the 4th of July car show in Bay and all I have to say is that the picture doesn't do it justice, its beautiful

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