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  1. anyone got some pointers about how to do claymodeling? or some links to websites with good explanations?

    i´ve been building a wooden frame for an interior mockup for a project and im about to start putting the clay on it, but i never worked with it, nor anyone else in the project including the designer.

    what about replacing the clay with poliurethane foam?


  2. Apply clay, let it dry (maybe use a blowtorch to speed things up), use chisel to shape.

    Job done
  3. Can't really help you here, but I gotta ask if it's a life size thing you're making?
  4. Life size interior of a car. I already got some pointers from a freind of mine who used to be envolved in prototyping
  5. Sounds like fun. Any drawings of what it's gonna look like?
  6. No, don't dry the clay. You can't mould it then.
  7. how big is the model you're making? if its full size or half size, then i would use foam or something else like that.

    if its just 1foot wide, then i would use clay.

    let me know either way and i will give you tips

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