Clio RS is over

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Thebdm, Sep 28, 2012.

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  2. I think it's kinda cool
    then again, if you compare to the mid-engined one...that was one of the coolest cars ever
  3. Last gen clio will be a classic like the 182 and the williams but this is just an attempt to get Polo customers. Problem is they will lose the hardcore guys (dsg + price) and never get vw clientele because their smug and will never ever drive a renault that sells for 25k basic.

  4. Too big and too ugly. What happened to the small lightweight hatchbacks?
  5. I must say that I like the standart clio. It looks quite good in standard trim from the tests I've seen. I am still trying to figure out what went wrong with the rs.

    208 seems lighter maybe it is time for peugeot to regain their hothatch aura
  6. The 208 looks like an extraterrestrial though.
  7. not even that, just the basic renault sport clio
    one of the best hot hatches ever
    the v6 was too unbalanced
  8. #$%# ugly and far too big, like the twingo
  9. might get one of these as my next car
  10. ditch the #%$got crew and join the hot hatch crew
  11. I have a gigantic lust for the pale blue 182 or the Ragnotti special

    I almost bought one instead of the C2 but the C2 was already quite a thing to tax, insure and maintain.

    Driving a 182hp car when you are 22 is not a really good idea anyway.
  12. Gone are the days of the baccara/williams/182/192/rs

    Only as 5 door even, ugh
  13. yeah the rear doors wtf'd me too
    rip renault hot hatches
  14. Hell with the Baccara - I've got a mk1 16V and it's a little beast.

    Agree with the thread. I don't even mind the turbo / dual clutch, but it just looks like a big fat cow.
  15. of course you do because you are completely lacking any sense of taste
  16. i remember reading the phase 2 version was much better to drive than the prior. i actually saw a blue phase 2 the other week; they're the real deal imo - classic.

    1.8t engine and auto on the new clio is not so hot. i like the looks especially compared to the current megane sport which i think is a real disappoint.
  17. good riddance of a shit car
  18. oh look, someone who doesn't know anything.
  19. I thought someone like you with a strong nationalist pride and anti-mixity would like a car from your own country
  20. The French are very patriotic about their cars. At least that's the impression I had whilst there. Especially things like Peugeot 607 and Renault Vel Satis - cars that really weren't at all popular anywhere else in Europe.

    What are we talking about anyway, Hemi's an American really isn't he?
  21. Well I guess they are mostly company cars from officials and other state workers

    They didn't pay for it and half of the french enthusiasts loathe and mock french cars anyway.
  22. wait are vws considered classy
    compared to renault or peugeoutw
  23. Yeah general people consider french and italian cars to be inferior.
  24. Like you know something, besides bragging so shut the #$%# up. Apart liking econo shitboxes with beyond questionable reality like Renault, Peugeot and Citoen which get the worst marks in France interms of reliability and durability since two decades and some exotics, you like trendy and fashionable things but certainly not quality products.

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