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  1. Which would u rather have? I'd have the GTR
  2. Re: CLK - DTM vs. CLK - GTR

    They are drom compelety different's a GT racer and the other is a DTM car...i'll take the CLK-GTR, it's simply awesome.<!-- Signature -->
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    What is with the odd-ball comparos in this site??? The DTM doesn't stand a chance against the GTR simply for the fact that it lacks everything the GTR has. As far as a daily driver though, I would take the DTM without the rear spoiler. Yes the spoiler is nice on the car but even without it the car screams style. I'd love to see a version of that body kit on an SL600. I believe Koenig tweaked out an SL600 a few years ago and gave it a big wing on the back and all the other goodies. It looked ok, but with the new bodystyle for 2003 we'll have to wait and see.<!-- Signature -->

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