clk-gtr vs 911 gt1 vs mclaren f1

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by f11111, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. rank these please..

    911 GT1
  2. 911 GT1 as in 911 Turbo??
  3. 911 GT1 as in 911 GT1.
  4. Really? I havent looked in to this particular car.
  5. The first two are more racing oriented than either McLaren, especially the standard F1.
  6. GT1
    F1 LM
  7. F1 LM
  8. Rank according to what? The F1 is the superior road car, but slowest on track, etc.

    The GT1 is basically a really stupid car as a road car, but in a way rather cool.

    The CLK-GTR is even dafter than the GT1, because it costs even more, and is heavier. But it also looks even better than the GT1, and it's a Mercedes that can go around corners, so it wins in terms of coolness in my book.

    The LM is somewhere between the F1 and the homologation cars I guess.
    It's just a vulgar version of the F1 (body, stronger engine, racing transmission etc.) unless you are serious about track performance or racing pedigree.

    The F1 is all in all the best car period.
  9. CLK-GTR, its just such a good looker and it has the performance to match
  10. Not really!

    Bad aerodynmaic, bad handling, it flipped tow times at Le Mans !!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    The GT1 rules , sames as the F1 LM, the CLK-GTR is just a boulevard racer and a rich man´s toy.
  11. On track.

    911 GT1
    F1 LM
    CLK-GTR Coupe
  12. Hmm, probably the GT1.
  13. Go look it up, that was the CLR, a totally diffrent race car. I'm surprised becaus I thought you would be more informed than that.
  14. CLK GTR all the way
  15. Not even the F1LM can compare to the thug...........CLK-GTR!
  16. 1: Porsche GT1
    2: McLaren F1 LM

    The rest don't matter.
  17. By your reasoning it is the GT1 that has band handling and aero, because the race GT1 did flip (Road Atlanta '98), whereas the race CLK didn't. Doesn't prove much tho, both obviously had great handling since they both were doing great at the respective times they were entered in GT1 racing.
  18. Thank you for pointing that out to the misinformed among us, the CLK-GTR rocks, plain and simple, its got looks that Mclaren only wishes they could match and Porche won't match, but they could if they wanted too, and on top of that, the CLK has got blistering performance (maybe not quite up to the Enzo but it more than makes up for it as an all around car)
  19. I dont want any of those cars except the F1 LM.Maybe the CLK-GTR.

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