CLK-GTR vs. Mclaren F1 LM

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  1. Which car do you guys think is going to win?
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    Funny you ask this question, these two cars are my two favorites.
    I'm sure the LM would beat the CLK GTR in 0-60mph speed but there's no way it could beat it to 100mph. Top speed I think the LM has but I'm not sure (not sure that the stats on this site are reliable). If it couldn't beat the CLK GTR, then maybe you could just take off the spoiler or something.
    When it comes to handling I'm not sure which one would win, I suppose the CLK GTR because it was in Le Mans.
    From an honest standpoint if I had to pick one of these cars over the other...I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably either take the LM and get rid of the spoiler so it can have better acceleration at high speeds or I'd take the CLK GTR and take some stuff out to make it lighter and lower the acceleration times...but that's just me.

    I'm interested in seeing what other people have to say.
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    the CLK-GTR is a good competitor for the McLaren... but it still came up short unfortunatly !!
    maybe with less weight or a little more power !
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    CLK-GTR? Why....
    Well the top speed on this site is wrong for a start, try ~380km/h and it could even be more but not many people have had the privilege of thrashing this car around, try finding road tires with a rating like that as well!
    0-100km/h(0-62) should come at around 3.0 seconds but then again that’s only the lowest recorded result, I’m sure it could get even lower.
    0 - 160km/h(0-100) should come low 5s, 5.5 is the lowest recorded time again.
    This car is the offspring from Le Mans and I guarantee you it is without a doubt the most misunderstood and under-rated vehicle out there.
    Take these two cars around a racetrack and the McLaren F1 will struggle; the CLK-GTR has handling advantages, better brakes and down-force advantages due to more torque available sooner.
    This, my amigos' is the car of cars, a diamond amongst the rough!
    1st place goes to the CLK-GTR, it should also cover a 1/4 mile bellow 9.0 seconds easy.
    Do we still think McLaren F1?
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    I have to go with the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
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    All I can do is point you in the way of the old FIA GT1 championships.
    CLK GTR, vs F1, vs 911 GT1 vs TVR Speed 12, vs Panoz etc. Mercedes entered 2 factory cars and they finished 1st and 2nd. Only one race wasnt taken by the mighty CLK, where both cars retired. It was funny cos noone expected this merc and it had a 3-pointed star on the front like a regular CLK.

    Also, Driven ( - quite old test, a car programme in the UK tested this guys car from Dubai. He had a CLK, an F50, F40, 911 GT1 and an F1. He said the CLK was his favourite. He once joked to the AMG engineers servicing his car that the Porsche was more powerful even tho he like the merc. They were havin none of it and boosted his power to 720bhp!
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    For sure the Mclaren F1 would win, it has a better top speed, so if there is a straight away anywhere near the Mclaren F1, i sugjest you, stand up, bend over, then kiss your ass goodbye.
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    McLaren for me...0-60 is faster also top speed is faster too
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    There's this guy who had his CLK-GTR modded to 714 hp I think
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    CLK-GTR is faster on track than F1 LM.I love this car!
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    the CLK-GTR. it proved that by dominating the GT series in 97 and 98.

    and i recorded the Driven show with the guy who has the 911 GT1, CLK-GTR, F50 etc. He wasnt happy with the power output, so AMG boosted it to 770bhp. The sound of it is something else.
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    This would be an amazing race to watch!
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    Mclaren. Because it looks better.
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    It really depends. You cant tell because I dont think anybody knows the capability of a LM on the track and weve never seen official 0-100 and quarter mile times of the LM.
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    no... this looks WAAAAY BETTER
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    Now this is a great comparison.
    They're both extremely rare, million dollar cars that accelerate like rockets.
    They also happen to be my 1st and 2nd favorite cars.
    CLK-GTR is my favorite, I don't know why but I like it better.
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    It'd be great to see a race between them. I have no idea who'd win.
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    i think the McLaren will win, its lighter and it looks better.
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    i think this would just win. if u have a look, u'll see this has a better 0-160 time. it would be close though. I reckon this would win a bendy track, and the LM would win a straighter track, due to much higher top speed.
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    Try the CLK-GTR race car, which is 2200lbs.
    I guess a good race would be CLK-GTR(race) vs F1 GTR
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    yes, that would be a good race. however, they did compete against each other in Le Mans 1998 but the McLarens ran under privateers while the Mercs were works cars. i forgot what happened to the CLK LM (thats what the CLK GTRs race version is called) but the highest finishing McLaren finished 4th, which outran/outlasted all the CLM LMs.
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    c'mon now, this has beed debated for years, anyone tired of it?
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    the f1 lm
    quicker acceleration
    higher top speed

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