CLK-GTR vs. Mclaren F1 LM

Discussion in '1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Straßenversion' started by F50_Rulez, Sep 22, 2002.

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    stfu. noobie
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    Sorry to all of the Mercedes fans out there, but I gotta pick the McLaren. Never have I seen such a beautiful car, and you gotta love those scizzor doors. Also the Mclaren has about 50 more hp, and about a 1000 pounds less than the CLK GTR. I just don't see the mercedes winning this contest. As for handling...who knows, you can't really say that much about that until you've driven both of them (and you have to know what you're doing to comment then, too)
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    I agree except you forgot handling and top speed Mclaren kicks it in both. Even though CLK-GTR has a better 0-100. Mclaren would win on a road course and with a few exceptions also on a strait away. But I have to agree these are my 2 favorite cars.
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    clk will win... and even if it doesnt it has wayyyyyy bettr handling anf low end torque and anyways mclaren is made by ford and ford can cum over ot my house and suck my fat 8 inch di((k!!

    u suck ford!
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    This would be a close one.
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    clk gtr because it looks better handles better because it is in le mans and it's also got a unbeatable 0-100miles 5.7 and very good 0-60 3.7 and about the top speed try 380km/h without the speed limiter, it beats mcleran f1 lm in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    0-60 3.4 sorry
  8. McLaren F1 LM will always win...
  9. top speed is limted under 200mph
  10. You are dumb. The CLK GTR's consistently beat the McL F1's in GT racing. Hell the CLK GTR's beat just about everything though the Porsche GT 1 took a Lemans victory.
  11. Sooo....Sad...., according to Motorvision, (a once upon a time when Speed Channel was called Speedvision, TV show.) Said, because of how, (there again HOW) DOMINATE McLaren was with its F1 GTR from 1993 to 1997, that the FIA GT World Championship Sanctioning Body, in 1998 or 1999 BANNED McLaren for several years, but around 2003 there were reinstated to race again. Though I could be wrong about the reinstatement of course, I'm not quite sure right now about that one.
  12. UM...according to the 1995 McLaren F1 is STILL the fastest Normally Aspirated Machine...TOO this every day!!! OH...btw, it scored a every REAL 230.0mph (with the rev limiter on) and 240.0mph (without it) on March 31, 1998!

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