close you eyes..this might get ugly

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by rayyan345, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. not that i hate pink...but this has gone too far..
  2. Hmm, been a month this photo has been posted here the last time. I still don't dislike it.
  3. You're just not in touch with your feminine side.
  4. old.. This is owned by the same guy that owns the camo RR Phantom right?
  5. No its owned by Pharrell (sp?)
  6. I like it, actually. FAR too many awesome cars in boring colour combos that are far too safe.
  7. There's a really cool lime green one, i'll try and find the pic.
  8. yes it is old, but I am happy to see different colors for the Veyrons. I mean so far these are the only 'interesting' ones I have seen, and they aren't THAT different except for the full red and the black/lime green.
  9. Wait, wait this is the best one, though it looks like a prototype:
  10. its not that i hate pink cuz i have seen cars that look great in pink but its just that the colur does not match veyron specially the the patterns. plus the interior does not go with it.
  11. show me a car in pink that looks better than this veyron in pink
  12. wow i never saw that one

    makes you wonder why all the later prototypes had the vents behind the front wheels yet the production model didnt...
  13. the best one is the whole black one..
  14. Everything points to Nigo owning it.
  15. Since when does Pharrell own Bathing Ape?? The clothing company Bathing ape owns this Veyron and they also have a Phantom to go with it.
  17. is....horrible. Defilation of a Veyron. This should be a crime!
  18. very
  19. yup, thats a lot better lookin.
  20. i think they look better
  21. that's a horrible shade of pink on the lambo
  22. that's a horrible shade of pink on the lambo

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