CLSdesign SL65 BlackSeries

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  1. I was dissapointed with the styling of the new SL65 blackseries, IMO for $320,000 you should get a bit more than a SL65 with wide fenders.I wished they would have taken the design further, similar to what the Reventon was to the LP640.

    So I started sketching and came up with something more fluid. I liked it so I rendered it over the real SL65 in photoshop- proportions, roofline, shoulderline are unchanged.

  2. did you use paint?
  3. Looks like a chinese copy of mazda's design. I'll take the original, thankyou.
  4. Nope just photoshop.

    I started by overlaying the sketch on top of the original and forming the panels using similar colors and lighting angles, then I modified the underlying SL65 to match the overall shapes (grill, radiator inlets, hoodshape). Then I duplicated the 'enhanced' version and layered it over the original using different settings (difference, vivid light, color burn, etc.) to get the reflections to shine through while maintaining the new shape.

    The hardest part is smoothing everything out (as you can see by the choppy lines and misplaced pixels). With time and patients you can get it pretty realistic- I just ran out of both haha.

  6. No offense but it seems you have the Black Series & Reventon mixed up, as the Reventon is the car that is way expensive for little more than wider fenders & new body panels, while the SL went through a ton of chassis & mechanical modifications.

    Neat artwork though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    EDIT: unless you just meant you wished the sl looked more radical similar to the reventon & weren't talking about mechanicals? I do think the SL looks badass btw, but agree it's a different kind of awesome compared to the Reventon.
  7. hmm, quite an interesting design. could work better if the 'shoulders' were also part of this new design
  8. I think the front looks just a bit ricey and fem.

    This cars brutish hard lines I think are what make it look so good.

    This design seems to lose alot of the function over form look and it doesnt look as focused and hardcore.

    but good job on the photoshop

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