CNET Editor James Kim found dead

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    I don't know if some of you were following the story, but they discovered James Kim's body today in the Oregon wilderness. You may recall him as the face of CNET's electronic video reviews - think back and you may remember him introducing to you the new iPod, talking excitedly about the latest Iriver, or taking a look at the newest Creative.

    He and his family (wife, two small daughters) had been stranded and missing for nine days in the snow after a wrong turn down a closed highway. They used the heater to stay warm, and when the car ran out of gas they burnt tires for heat as well as for signal flares. He had fashioned a siphon to draw gas from their car in order to make a little more heat. When no help came by the ninth day James set off on foot through the snow to find help, promising to return by 1 pm if no one was to be found. That was the last they saw of him.

    Mrs. Kim kept the daughters fed by breast-feeding them, and was finally rescued two days later by a search helicopter. The search effort went on for James.

    In the past two days they had found a trail of clues in the form of extra articles of clothing he had left for trackers as he continued on searching for help for his family. This morning rescue workers dropped care packages in strategic locations where thermal imaging had showed 'hot spots' that were likely where James had been. The packages contained a sweatshirt, sweatpants, food, lights, hand warmers, signal flares, and a letter from James' father pleading him to return safely home.

    They found him today at noontime. He was found lying in a forest river seven miles from the car.

    In my mind, he was truly a hero. In the end, he sacrificed his life and body in exchange for a little more chance that his family would be safe. The part that really gets me teared up the most is knowing that he died hoping but without truly knowing that his wife and daughters were okay. I will really miss him. I've never been so saddened by the death of a guy I only knew and saw through the internet before. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    RIP James Kim. He was 35 years old.
  2. holy crap that sucks
  3. yeah i saw that this morning. pretty crazy stuff
  4. that sucks, freezing to death is no fun
  5. That's so sad.
  6. It's very sad. I first heard about it on CNET's website when the whole family was missing.
  7. hes a true man.
  8. Definetly.
  10. I remember they said he was missing on the DiggNation podcast (they knew him), unfortunate. Moral: stick w/ the group.
  11. I bet you some idiot on this website is going to start a fight with everyone else by saying that he sucked or something.

    I wanna pay respek to him for caring for his family.
  12. How's snowing to beat hell here.
  13. It won't happen.

    There's a lot of sadness going on right now. Many who never knew the guy are mourning his loss - at CNET his colleagues are devastated. He did everything possible to save his family, including going out into freezing temperatures after nine days with hardly any food, water, or heat. Almost everyone was pulling for him.

    "At the San Francisco offices of CNET, where James Kim was an editor, many employees left work after the news that Kim's body had been discovered. By mid-afternoon, employees at the headquarters at Second and Howard streets said the building was emptying.

    Outside, there was a single long-stemmed red rose in front of the CNET sign.

    Employees leaving the office were in tears, and a courtyard usually packed with workers at lunchtime was vacant."

  15. ya i heard about him from several podcasts, sucks for his family.

    on OT there's guys trashing him for not being able to create a rabbit trap and survive on eating rabbits and berries and skinning beavers for clothes.
  16. That's so awful, I feel terrible for his family, especially since he would have been safe if he'd stayed with them.
  17. well, his family wasn't rescued for 9 days. he left after the first few days to try to get help because they couldn't get cellphone reception there, and he was worried that nobody would be coming. they found him 2 days after his family, and apparently they might've made contact with him just before he died or something.
  18. Oh yeah, I definitely think he was right to go look for help, and maybe he did get reception and that's how his family was found. If not, though, I think it's especially tragic how it ended up.
  19. i think what happened was the last text they sent from their car before they left range was used as a starting point.

    as for making contact with him just before he died, maybe he walked into range of a signal tower and they managed to call his cell or something. they were planning to airdrop supplies all over the area they thought he might be hoping he'd find some in time.
  20. What road was their car stuck on?
  21. they took a smaller road to avoid thanksgiving traffic, and got caught by heavy snowfall.

    um, not sure what, but some people found out so it's online somewhere
  22. wow is OT even more elitist than
  23. they have more members
  24. Jesus, talk about a wrong turn. That sucks lots, but you really can't ask to die for a better cause.

    What I want to know, though, is how exactly they got so stuck that they couldn't turn back. If they were driving along a relatively snowy road and suddenly got stuck on a pile of snow or something, you'd think they could have pushed the car off and gone back the way they came from. I hope they release more details about it.
  25. or at least press R and spawn back on the track <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

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