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    just dont modify that car if you buy it. alot of people on are parting out their ss/sc's and taking them back to stock and selling them. they just break too damn much if you try to mess with them. and if you do buy it and get wheelhop get off the gas quick or youll need new axles. i test drove one and while the handling was exceptional the speed wasnt what i was dreaming of. maybe im just a fan of old fashioned v8 torque
  2. Someone pee in your cereal?
  3. yeah I post on

    most of them take it back to stock to get GTO's

    mine is still stock and will remain that way aside from maybe pulley and exhauset intake ...

  4. Hey,

    Thanks a lot for all the advice and stuff. Im not paying for a car, my parents are, and when I sell it, all the money goes back to my parents, so I dont get to save any of it or anything. So it doesnt matter if I get a 94 Corolla or a 06 Cobalt SS, they will keep all the money in the end. I dont even have to pay the resale value difference. So... If things work out next year, Cobalt SS/SC it is. Thanks again.
  5. your parrents are paying for it ... get a GTI
  6. ^ what he said

    or a Mazdaspeed 3

    much better car.
  7. *when money is not being considered
  8. Yeah the money they will give me wont be enough for either of those cars.
  9. get a GTI ... its a bit slower ...but how much nicer it is overall and how much more you will be able to resell if for will be enough to make it worth it ...
  10. A bit slower? Even an R32 has trouble keeping up with a Mazdaspeed 3, or even your CCSSSC.
  11. yeah the cobalt is the fastest of that bunch ... but for the ammount of time you spend racing...
  12. new GTI is pretty much as fast as the R32
  13. I guess you guys don't get the new R32. Either way, not really.
  14. From what I remember reading the new R32 is pretty much just as quick as the GTI ... its heavy though in comparison to the Balt ... no qestion the Cobalt is going to be more fun to drive
  15. I much rather have a 2006 Si; if money is an issue, the 2005 Cobalt SS isn't bad ether.
  16. Si is the worst. slowet of the pack and not nicer than a gti... no way I would get an SI too much money for too little.
  17. more fun than an R32? lol have youd riven one?
  18. the cobalt SS is sort of expensive for it's class. but i guess that sbefore you consider the "GM whore" discount.
  19. About the two VW Golfs...200 hp FWD vs 250 AWD?
  20. its pretty much the cheapest in its class ...not to mention has about 210 FWHP instead of the advertised 205BHP
  21. Weight ...
  22. I was refering to the GTI .... the cobalt beat it around VIR by about 5 seconds

    1. Nissan 350Z Track - 3:12.5/78.5
    2. Mitsu EVO MR - 3:13.5/78.1
    3. Mazda RX8 - 3:19.0/76.0
    4. Chevy Cobalt SS - 3:20.6/75.4
    5. Ford Mustang GT - 3:20.9/75.3
    6. Volkswagen GTI - 3:25.1/73.7
    7. Honda Civic Si - 3:26.5/73.2
    8. Mazda MX5 - 3:29.3/72.2
  23. That doesn't necessarily mean it's more fun to drive. I mean, the Miata is more fun than most of those listed, and look where it landed.

  24. yeah your right ... but its going to be pretty hard to say one car is more fun than another since Fun will become subjective ... its like saying an Elise might not be more fun than a Miata even though it does everything the Miata does but faster

    but for the most part the better the performance the more fun .. The cobalt is lighter, accelerates harder, corners sharper and goes around a track faster... that sounds like its more fun than the GTI ... its safe to say that the cobalt performs better than the GTI and Civic while costing less ...

    I still think the GTI is a better purchase since it is not his money ... its much nicer all around ..while still managing to be quick and fun ..(just not to the extent of the cobalt) but I dont agree that the Civic should be considered, it just doesnÂ’t really do anything better and certainly not for the price ... its not as nice as the GTI or as fast nor is it as cheap as the Cobalt and way slower.
  25. GTI in Black, slammed +1... sorry man haha

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