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    R35 manuals

    R35 has arrived

    R35 on the scales

    R35 Dyno Results

    Blue Line is torque (peaked at 416 ft-lbs)
    Red Line is HP (peaked at 419 HP)
    Green is Boost (peaked at 13.8 psi)
    Gray Line is A/F Ratio (dipped down to around 10.5:1)

    this was using...
    A 50/50 mix of 91 octane and 100 octane was used, which isn’t too different in octane rating from the fuel normally used in Japan.
  2. Interesting stuff. Cheers.
  3. i thought they were supposed to dyno at like 480?
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    US 93= Japan's highest regularly availible fuel in japan, just figured differently.
  5. It's measuring at the wheels plus the cars not broken in.
  6. 480hp at the wheels? That would be like 1920hp. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  7. i know. He claimed a previous dyno had proven they dynoed at 480 at the wheels. Breaking a car in doesnt gain 80 hp.
  8. Did you read the links?

    "c) We’re at ~4000 ft altitude here in SLC. Thinner air, less power. Even with turbos. Hard to directly compare NA to Turbo but a brand new stock Z06 puts down 405 HP to the wheels on our dyno."
  9. Holy shit.
  10. JDM R35 GT-R:

    3825.6 lbs - Total vehicle weight base model jdm r35 with 10 gallons fuel. *

    608 lbs ---- Engine weight. This is the full engine with the first set of catalytic converters/turbo outlet pipes attached. *

    326 lbs ---- GR6 Transaxle. *

    145 lbs ---- Rear subframe weight: 145 lbs for the rear subframe complete, less rear rotors. *

    63 lbs ----- Front tire and wheel. *

    66 lbs ----- Rear tire and wheel. *

    26 lbs ----- Rear brake rotor. *

    24 lbs ----- Battery. *

    30 lbs ----- Backside catalytic converter, flex pipes and resonator. *

    NOTE: THE USA VERSION WILL HAVE SOME DIFFERNT COMPONENTS, for instaince the gas tank will be larger by a small margin.

    19.6 lbs --- Amuse R1 Titan Extra STTI Exhaust *
    leading diameter=80mm / 3.15"
    inner diameter=70mm / 2.75"
    tail diameter=130mm x 4 / 5.1" x 4
    weight=8.9kg / 19.6lbs
    stock exchaust weight=17.45kg / 38.5lbs
    weight savings=8.5kg / 18.75lbs

    other 3rd party aftermarket parts havent released much info on there parts yet.

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