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  1. JDM Engineering is offering Long tube headers, custom chip and pulley packages to raise output to more than 500 RWHP

    Bassani Xhaust: replacing the exhaust with Bassani Xpipes and after-cat gives the cobra 35 RWHP. Bassani is also offering headers that will work with the same xpipe giving the cobra an extra 20 RWHP

    Replacing the stock pulley with Eaton pulley(from the Lighting) can give the cobra as much as 60 RWHP.

    Overall you can see as much as 120 RWHP gains from replacing the pulley, exhaust, aftercat, and airfilter. The potential of the cobra is so great that the NMRA has banned the car from its factory stock class. It would completely obliterate the field of high-11 and low-12 second cars.
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    I love the new cobra, damn, an extra 120 hp+ with those simple mods. People who hate mustangs or even American cars, even those idiots have to be impressed by this car. Show me a car with a $34,000 price tag that can be takin into the 11, maybe even high 10 second range with such little ease.
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    Yeah thats alot of potential.
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    Yup I want one... should have bought one instead of that S-281...
    Oh well.
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    Got pics of your roadster??
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    Has anyone else seen what Sean Hyland Motorsport does to cutomize this car:
    2003 Sean Hyland Cobra S4 Lightweight
    The key elements of the Sean Hyland package for the 2003 Cobra are a 250lb weight reduction via various vehicle components. Some of the key new components SHM is introducing is the Carbon Fiber hood and trunk lid, titanium exhaust, and tire pressure monitoring system (replacing the spare tire, jacking equipment, etc., similar system to that of the Corvette).
    Engine power is increased to 500BHP via a carbon fiber cold air induction system, increase in the supercharger boost, and exhaust system. Suspension is improved with adjustable shocks, springs and bushings. The differential is replaced with a heavy duty unit.
    Expected MSRP for the new 2003 Cobra S4 is about $60,000. Below is a breakdown of the modifications that are performed.
    Check back at a later date for the new 2003 Sean Hyland Vehicle line-up...

    Lightweight Package
    Carbon Fiber Hood
    Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid
    Lightweight Floor pan Sound Deadener
    Lightweight Battery
    Lightweight Front Brake Rotors with Aluminum Rotor Hats
    Titanium Exhaust System
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Spare Tire Delete)
    Engine Package
    500HP Engine Package
    Carbon Fiber Cold Air Induction
    Titanium High Flow Exhaust
    Revised Supercharger Drive
    Suspension Package
    Adjustable Shocks
    Specific Rate Springs
    Revised suspension bushings
    Tubular Front Sway Bar
    Adjustable Caster/Camber Plates
    Chassis stiffening kit
    HD Limited Slip Differential
    Wheel and Tire Package
    Magnesium 5 spoke wheels 18x9 front, 18x10 rear
    265/35/18 BF Goodrich G Force KD front tires
    295/35/18 BF Goodrich G Force KD rear tires
    Billet 6 speed shifter
    Serial number plate
    Embroidered Headrests
    Recaro Leather Front Seats
    Brembo Front Brake Kit
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    She is locked up right now, seeing I live in Canada I don't want her to get damaged from the Cold or Snow/Rain.
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    She is locked up right now, I don;t want her to get damaged from the snow and rain.
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    Holy shit! More hp and less weight. That will eat most other cars and shit them out.
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    Sweet car, hot pic. Everytime a Saleen is parked, there is always a mob of people around it. Would love to own one, one day, especially the S351.

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