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  1. The classic LM battle, what do you think?
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    Well, a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe would capture the flag, but the GTO gave the other Cobras a run for their money according to the history books. Ferrari DID win the championship from 1962 through 1964, after all.
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    yeah she looks nice to
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    250 against the cobra. the 250 but if the cobra was a daytona who knows
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    Yes it does.
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    nice car

    I'm happy to see nobody posted that a Z06 can smoke this
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    nice car

    I'm happy to see nobody posted that a Z06 can smoke this
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    Good point. That's why I came here. To flaim anyone who would do that.
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    It probably could, but thats not a fair comparison. That would be like comparing it to an Audi R8
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    Totally on the driver, good point. Back in the good ol days the driver made the cars. Total opposite today which is sad to see.
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    look at engine sizes. 180 cu inch v12??? and a 427 v8
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    a z06 can smoke this

    im glad that someone mentioned the part about it coming down to the driver. unless you are driving an automatic on a drag strip, it allways matters who is driving.

    just today i saw the gt touring cars race. it became apparent to me that the saleen mustang had way more power than any other cars because on the final few laps it was neck and neck with a porsche gt3. the saleen would keep passing the porsche on the straight aways and the porsche would be back in front coming out of the turn and so it went for about 2 laps, i thought they were just looping the tape. in the end the saleen won by a narrow margin. the saleen was clearly faster in terms of speed but apparently hte porsche had a great driver and in the end it was that skill that kept it so close, had the driver been anyone but a veteran racer the saleen would have passed and then had 2 laps to build a lead.

    point is, unless you have civic and a porsche racing each other, the driver always matters and i personaly have beaten many a driver on the typical stoplight runs that had cars that would pull 0-60 a full second faster and beaten them in the end because they missed a shift or shifted just a tad too late. in the racing world .001 seconds is the difference between winning and losing and 1 mistake can put you in last place.
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    yeah maybe, but the Z06 it not 40 years old
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    The 427 Cobra and the 250 GTO accomplished different things. They were dominant in their own spheres of influence- they each had their own turf. One would win an LM tour and the other win a street race down a strip.
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    Fine. You can have your damn ZO6. I'll take the Ferrari and let's see who gets more dates....Not only that, but why did you include all the stuff about Porsche vs. Saleen? This is the forum for the 1962/3 Ferrari 250 GTO Series I in case you hadn't noticed.
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    250gto hands down
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    Somehow I doubt you'd drive a 9 million+ dollar car on the road
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    It's really that expensive,9 million + dollars?
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    Again this wasn't me....(I forgot to log off)

    Now as for the thread question,I say 250GTO all the way!
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    Is the Z06 from the early 60's like this car you freaking Imbicile?
    Aren't you smart,you figured out that a 2002 car could beat a 60's car,wow,good for you,want a cookie?
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    The Ferrari is the better car. It would win on a track that requires speed. The cobra has better acceleration from a start and out of tight corners. Not surprising givin it has a larger diplacement V8 which is best at producing torque. The Daytona and the GTO are equal overall but the GTO is better because it is the original design and the Daytona is a ripoff.
  24. Stupid dumbass

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