Cobra VS 250 GTO

Discussion in '1962 Ferrari 250 GTO' started by sk8er1988, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. He's clearly joking, and frankly, made a rather good point about the realities of motor racing.
  2. wait, lol, I never knew what LM means, I found out what mr , ff, and fr mean (if they mean anything close to what lm means)

    btw, I would rather have 250 GTO over anything other than an Enzo.
  3. Not to stray off topic, But actually, The first Z06 was made in '63.
  4. Finally, from someone who knows. The early racing 260ci and early 289ci Cobras had hp ratings in the 340hp range and weighed 2020lbs. From an acceleration standpoint The nod went slightly for the GTO however by the end of 1963 the power was at a respectable and dependable 380-390hp. Even on tracks where the 250 could use it's superior top end (175 vs 165 for the roadster) the cobra quickly became dominant. That's why Ferrari cheated in 1964 by cancelling a couple of races (in Italy) thereby denying Shelby the points he would need to win the Manufacturers Cup. Not to mention that the ruling body required manufactures to have 100 examples completed to compete. From 62-64 Ferrari made only 33 250 GTO'S total. The Daytona coupe had a top speed of 190+ making the GTO, and most of the prototypes as well, not even competitive. In 1965 the Cobras had enough points by Le Mans that Shelby won the Cup and the Daytona's nearly won the race outright beating nearly all the prototypes including the ford GT's.

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