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  1. How do you feel about jt?
  2. Getting fully assimilated into the hospitality industry, eh?
  3. Never tried it.
  4. Fun, expensive, dangerous, limp dick
  6. For the money you spend it doesn't last long enough imo. Wouldn't bother doing it again.
  7. I like it a lot. Buy a couple grams, have a great weekend, then not touch it again for about six months. Done this many times.
  8. I think the reason why I like it is because of how long I go inbetween. Every time I get some, those first couple lines are always as good as I remembered.
  9. great time. less than once a year
    me and disorder do it together
  11. It's ok. It has that aura of cool, the same way cigarettes do, unless you over do it, just like anything. I find it too expensive. It's usually one of those things you get pulled outside the crowd your with, to join a smaller crowd in the washroom and do a couple bumps.

    If you're just like, railing blow and buying grams every week, then you have a problem imo. It's like a fine champagne, it needs an occasion.
  12. It's ok, but for the money I'd just pound a couple of Monsters to get speedy.
  14. Probably the most unethical product anywhere ever.

    Have tried a few times, not good value imo. I prefer the moar psychedelic stuff. Coke just makes me wanna punch and #$%# everything simultaneously.
  15. But yeah a while ago there was a video of some drug cartel ppl cutting the head off a kid who hadn't even had a voice change. Not cool imo.
  16. They mix up cocaïne with heroïne here. Lots of tourists dead lol
  17. The price + the amount of garbage it's frequently cut with makes it not worth while. When I was drinking it made for nights that were just obscene. Coke turns cigarettes to air and beer to water when you're on it
  18. lol
  19. Damn good song!
  21. The people here who are able to do a couple rails once in a while and then walk away for months at a time are the exception. Most people either do it once and hate the headache that comes after and never do it again, or they get hooked. The latter usually because of the people they hang with. Because of this it's very rare to find any group of people to party with that doesn't degenerate quickly. If you're not careful you'll quickly find yourself in shitty clubs surrounded by dealers and the chicks that suck their dicks for rails. If you're friends with the dealers, the chicks will suck your dick too. By and large, coke and everything and everyone associated with it is pretty gross.
  22. Never tried it. Would like to, but I'm not 100% sure of myself. Thinking of the possibility that I get super excited by it and will do again sooner than later.
  23. Tried it once in a parking lot at a wedding reception a few years ago
    Prob do it again during a special occasion. Vegas etc
    Couple buddys do it on the regular, they're washouts
  24. I don't do so well with stimulants. I'd rather pop some xanax and become part of the couch or just eat a bunch of mushrooms or acid.
  25. too expensive but good fun every now and then.

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