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  2. How else is it going to stay good for 18 months?!?
  3. in all seriousness, I store my bread in the fridge. It always lasts waaaay beyond the date on the bag.
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    I freeze bread until needed. once it's thawed my three children devour a loaf in a matter of days. I also now have my young adult nephew living with me.
    So 5 bag lunches a day makes bread disappear fast.

    I have stopped eating bread altogether now. Feel much better for it. I have a minor wheat alergy. causes extra inflammation throughout my body and puffyness in my face. Especially under my eyes. That's the extent of it.
    And then the inflammation that eating processed sugars causes.
    I've cut out soda, bread, and only use sweetener instead of sugar in ma coffee now. I've noticed a difference in my overall health feeling. less aches and pains. less puffyness.
    It's good. Really been trying to be fully keto in a sence. My wife got gestational diabetes with our last baby and it hasn't gone away. and a Keto diet is very very similar to a diabetic diet. makes thing easier for both of us to stick to it.
  5. No wonder they're the fattest nation.
  6. The pc term is Girthy.
  7. Yes seriously. It tastes like less evolved Australian coffee.

    Maybe I just didnt try enough places. Its not like there isnt shit coffee around Australia, I just know the good ones I guess....
  8. In pretty much any Italian restaurant, bar, caffetteria, trattoria or pasticceria, you ask for caffè, you get an espresso. Sometimes sugar is served on the side but never, ever added in the drink.

    You can ask for a caffè lungo or americano if you want a non-espresso (still espresso-based, just diluted) but those are by default unsweetened as well, as are macchiatos, caffè lattes, cappuccinos, etc. And all of those are made with steamed whole milk.

    The only type of sweetness in Italian coffee I could imagine would come in form of a corretto with sambuca or maybe a frappé (Greek import).

    Using coffee creamer in Italy would be the equivalent of a French chef using cheez-whiz, it just doesn't happen. Italians take their coffee pretty fking seriously and would go apeshit over something like this.
  9. Well said. Never met an italian who didn't take their coffee serious.
  10. I don't know about you guys, but when I think of "the world's best coffee", Australia is always my first thought.
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  11. Maybe they have their own extreme version of Kopi Luwak they aren't telling us about. Coffee beans eaten by spiders that are eaten by sneks that are eaten by crocodiles.
  12. When I think coffee I think Colombia
  13. I saw a video once of a coffee making ceremony in Ethiopia. Over there, when you ask for coffee at one of those tiny stands by the road, you're sending the vendor and yourself to 30 minutes of agonising work and wait. But still, with that amount of attention to detail going into every tiny glass, the end product is apparently pretty fucking amazing.
  14. For $0.3 you're very likely to see the vendor roast green coffee beans over actual charcoal, wait for them to cool off, grind it with a mortar and pestle and then slowly boil it with water in a pot. I hear it's like that pretty much every time you order a cup.
  15. seems pretty inefficient

    im drinking some pretty shitty coffee right now but thats ok
    its basically a hot caffeine delivery medium

    im usually chugging down cold brew with heavy cream though
  16. Perfection is inefficient.
    It's not like they were going to use that time to get a degree and open a startup company.
  17. Don't open any companies that have anything to do with coffee. it's going to be extinct soon anyways.
  18. I can't speak for other nations but as far as the US, as mentioned by other members, American are accustomed to high contents of sugar. That being said you can order coffee black just about anywhere. Also I found coffee in Italy to be much different than in the US.
  19. Ethiopian cuisine in general is pretty fking amazing.
  20. We have a few Ethiopian restaurants in town and I've never been to any of them :( .
  21. isnt an ethiopian restaurant just an empty room with a dirt floor and flies buzzing around
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  22. What do they serve? I just don't seem to find filthy water with a beetle and a stick in a bowl very appetizing
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  23. Being prejudiced white cis-males, are we?

    The beetle's crunchiness really complemented the cholera & filth flavours of the water.

    And the rustic charm of the dirt floor and tsetse flies really suited the overall atmosphere of dysentery and starvation.
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  24. i dont relate and shouldnt have to
    why werent they just born in north america to white parents who made the equivalent of 65k a year turning screwdrivers and answering phones

  25. Well maybe they would have, had they voted for a president that promised to make Ethiopia great again.

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