Cold Sores

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by barefoot driver, May 23, 2008.

  1. How do you get them and how do you get rid of them real quick?
  2. Its when your girl cheats on you with another man.

    The word cold for her coldhearted behaviour; cheating on her man.
    The word sore for her mouth after a violent blow-job.

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  3. haha, cold sores. sux to be you.

    you get them when you rub your lips on a penis. you get rid of them quick by burning them off w/ a lit cigarette. just like a leech, dude.
  4. go to the store and get some of the oinment thats for cold sores/fever blister. apply at first sign.
  5. Get warm
  6. as far as how do u get them..By playing in a dirty litter box...or u can be born with it
  7. you shouldn't have sucked that guy in the clubs cock
  8. lolz you've got the herpes.
  9. I call them canker sores and theres really no way to get rid of them. You just suffer through them with a lot of anbesol.

    and there is a distinct difference betweel cold/canker sore and fever blister. Fever blisters only occur outside of the mouth and are causes by Herpes virus. the ones I get are genetic and caused by stress/lack of sleep/cuts in my mouth and only happen inside the mouth and cheek area, or on the gums. They dont bleed and they form a huge open pit that hurts like #$%#ing hell. I usually refrain from eating spicy or thai food when I have one as aggravating them will actually make me tear up as natural reaction to the pain.
  10. cold sore versus canker sore
  11. oh I see now. I thought cold sore and canker sore were the same thing and fever blister was different. so cold sore is a fever blister?
    In that case, thats not what I get no. that is Herpes.
  12. I hate cutting my lip chewing and getting a canker sore the day before I want spicy food.
    I usually just put some spice on it and get the damn thing to close up from irritation.
  13. I find if I smoke a cigar or something the canker sore becomes way less worse. Its like the tobacco kills it or something
  14. lately I have just dealt with the pain. Its not worth giving up spicy foods. Just pour some anbesol on that sucker and eat before the numbness goes away.
  15. Ya, that works too, if the bugger is persistent I just buy a pack of cigars and keep them handy.
  16. Thats what I basically do, put spice from whatever jar I have right on the canker sore. Its stings like hell for 5 minutes or so, then the sore kinda just closes up.
  17. you feel less pain but the infection get worse with smoke.
  18. yeah. smoking will numb the pain because tobacco is a natural pain suppressor (rub chewing tobacco on a bee sting and youll see what Im talking about) but it also dries out the sore area, leading to infections.
  19. Ice them, then use polysporin after washing your hands really well. I get them.
  20. i get them when i get really stressed out or not enough sleep
  21. I get cankers when I eat bananas.
  22. Cold sores are a reactivation of a latent viral infection living in your trigeminal ganglion - you can't catch them from other people.
    Best to use your antiviral creams if you suspect that one will appear soon, as it best works prophylactically.
  23. done and done.
  24. Ughh, chewing tobacco is disgusting, a ton of people at my school do dip, it disgusts me

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