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  1. You definitely missed the boat on those.
  2. Time to find a mid 80's Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z or Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA.
  3. So you can burn it and do us all a favor.
  4. holy cow, ditto.

    I tried earlier.

    DAYM. that's under my own eyes. I think as late as summer last year I saw them in the 150s.

    Was it Wolf On Wallstreet!?
  5. But seriously, anybody want an antique Ford truck? I just tried replacing the gas tank and holy shit Frank is being a little #%[email protected] lately.
  6. News just in. Cars are worth only what you can get.

    Next cheapo trend: Shelby Chrysler Daytonas... those 80's crappy cars. Like the conquest.
  7. Crappy 80's trucks!
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  9. xj220 is still a good supercar to buy, though prices have already started to skyrocket. about 5 or 6 years ago there were a few going for 170-200, now ive seen them go for up to double that but it will still rise, its jags only well known real supercar (xj15 was a total flop)
  10. they've started to go up as well. can't find a decent one of those for under 5k either
  11. I'd love either one of those. had a chance to buy an xj220 for 150 a few years ago and didn't do it. now slightly kicking myself for not doing so.

    though with the current swing cars like the XK120 will be coming down in price and i for one am thrilled.
  12. people used to consider them as disposable cars, now their colelctibility is going strong
  13. C:

    Mine's still crusin around and trompin' through the surprise 6" of snow we woke up to this morning.

    er, not for me, mind you. Sold it to one of my buddies in December.
  14. I'm just waiting for the 90s ones to become disposable. always wanted a WS6 or a Firehawk.
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    Tell me about it, just take a look at this sweet 1986 'Stang GT convertible:

    Or this 1989 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA that looks really sharp:
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    the mustangs haven't gone that wild over here yet. this ones available near me for a semi reasonable amount

    EDIT: or if you want a convertible
  17. I'm tempted to leave Frank on somebody's doorstep.
  18. whats the new thing thats being annoying?
  19. The #$%#ing fuel tanks. For such a huge goddamn truck they squeeze in rather tightly, and the replacement tanks don't *quite* fit. The underside of this truck is an exercise in wasted space.
  20. they're usually a bit of a #%[email protected] takes some modification to get after market tanks to work correctly.
  21. I have to bend the flange. Naturally, I only discovered this after we had gotten the tank half in. Many four-letter words were said.
  22. True enthusiasts don't want a rear wiper.
  23. welcome to the fun of maintaining your own classic car. at least its an easyish fix
  24. unless they're car collectors then its a major plus.
  25. A ton of the 80s GM G-Bodies(Monte Carlo, Cutlass, ect) became circle track cars over the last 20 years. 10 years ago you could order a refurbished G-body chassis/shell for $1800 from the Speedway circletrack catalog. G-bodies were also a top choice for demolition derbys when they changed the rules to ban the more solidly built 70s cars ~20 years ago. G-Bodies work to well as adult toys for there own good.

    Glad I jumped on a rust free one ~7 years ago and have kept it that way. I couldn't afford a clean one now.

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