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  1. no one gave a shit about the cosworth until recently when it managed to ride the m3s coattails. its the worst one of the three in terms of performance and looking special/cool

    the 944 has a very porsche shape which is defined by the fat ass and stance. most normal people guess porsche when you show them a 944

    944s are cool i wanna get another one <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. they're fun little cars. also the best handling Porsche ever made until the Boxster came about. they can be costly but, as you well know, any Porsche is.
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  5. FWIW, RM just sold a Z8 for about $200k at their Paris auction.
  6. the Z8 was a pretty difficult collectable to predict though.

    I think it's painfully beautiful like the next guy but it was getting murdered up and down in reviews and tests.

    I am glad it happened, I just didn't see it coming personally. Tracking the prices and such, I feel like there was a few years where there was a lull in demand. Same with the NSX. I hate all the guys jerking to it now. back then, everyone HATED it, HATED it in tests and on the internet. There were so many internet assholes picking C5 and Vipers and calling it expensive, shitty, etc.
  7. really? those were total turds
  8. I was more interested in the 037 Stradale that went for 300k Euro
  9. Yeah, seems like a steal for such a badass car.
  10. they've been hoovering around the 200k euro mark for years. in a way its nice to see them get some recognition
  11. Should have listened to me, dude. lol
  12. theres a manual NSX on bring a trailer currently for 40k us
  13. I know.

    but at least you helped me avoid the CLS55 and shit. I badly wanted some bad cars at the time.

    There was a 2005 black XKR with the BBS wheels that I was batshit for, remember? and it sold before I saw it.

    Then the SC430s....

    Then the CL55 AMG...

    etc. Those were all terrible choices.

    That's Jonestown level suicide financially right there.

    The NSX and E30 M3 tho. Damn.
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    Lol yeah there were a number of questionable choices. I would still really love an AMG Mercedes one day but they're just a ticking time bomb.

    Something like this is always going to make me think:

    600+hp for less than £15k will always sound like a bargain. It's probably lost 90% of what it originally cost.
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    jesus C. that is cheap.

    For some reason....something doesn't look "right" with it. There's something suspicious, can't pin point what. Maybe the colors and panels dont seem to perfectly...I dunno.

    TSCM, how bad ACTUALLY are we talking here. Like, total rape of the ass bad? Because...I had an was like, 1/8th the car that S65, but it was supposed to be bad, but it wasn't THAT bad. maybe 1.5k a year in things, all in, tires, etc.

    It was one average sized thing and one average sized maintainance cost, like, wheels or brakes. and it was sort of one at a time....

    Are we talking super scary where like, one day you're okay and the next day your life is in danger? Or are there warning symptoms, etc.??
  16. No I agree with the panels thing - there's some weird filter on the pics or he used a shit camera, but aside from that the panels don't all look factory painted.

    Remember that Top Gear episode where Jeremy and Richard bought V12 coupes for less than the cost of a new Nissan (about £7k)? Richard bought an 850CSi, and Jeremy bought a CL600.

    A single coil for the Merc cost £1200. These V12s are exxxpppeeennnsssiiivvveee.

    What we're talking about here is fine, buy your £15k S65 AMG and blast around in it for as long as you can, but as soon as something big goes wrong (and it probably will, as this wasn't the era Merc are most proud of when it comes to quality), you may have to write the car off.
  17. Do big things go wrong in them? Always got the impression that they nickel ($500) and dime ($1000) you to death with annoying electrical issues.
  18. here are the 3 things i absolutely need in a car:

    1) I have to be able to feel comfortable every time i turn the ignition and every time I'm driving. I'm okay with things going wrong. just allow me to finish my drive. nothing sudden and violent.

    2) I need to be able to predict any sort of time line. So like say, I can feel confident for a projected 6 months - 2 years, whatever.

    3) The car needs to be able to give me some sort of feedback. Like, if something is loose or isnt great, I should hopefully be able to hear for it or something before it completely murders me.

    - Am I asking too much? Are my demands constrained to just famously reliable cars?
  19. I only meant big in terms of the repair bill. The nickel and dime you speak of is exactly the scenario I was imagining.
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    I don't think your parameters are unreasonable by any means, and of course you can buy what you want, but cars that depreciate a lot do so for a reason - that's just my view on it.

    Usually it's because of things like the fuel economy is too poor or insurance costs too high so the price of the used car comes down far enough so that people are willing to buy them and take a hit on running costs, but what you then get once these cars have been bought and sold a few times is a string of past owners who were progressively further and further away from being able to buy one of them new. As such they probably can't afford to keep what is technically a £150,000 car on the road.

    And thus, the £2795 CLK55 AMG is born:
  21. pretty much this.

    you have to remember you're buying a car that sold (in canada) for about 200k plus. so parts and service will be for a 200k dollar plus car.

    usually its electronic but they will nickel and dime (in the quoted terms) you to death in the long run. and with everything being electric on those it'll be suddenly and usually without warning

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