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  1. Haha good luck. My 72 GMC has been up for sale for ages, and at $2k I had one person come take a look for an eventual restore but passed because it wasn't a longhorn.
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    Is this too expensive? I mean, can one buy it today (say negotiate down to 150k EUR) and flip it in couple of years with a 100%-200% mark up? Unfortunately Facels haven't had the same legacy or pedigree as Bentleys (that's the natural competitor no?) but then again they're unique. French bourgeoisie with American muscle, what can go wrong?
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    lol at assuming you'll make an easy 100% return on a niche car you already spent a #$%#ton of money on.

    classic car valuations dont run in uniform and its even harder to gauge where oddball ones will be a few yrs from now then lets say porsche 911s or whaev you can compare to similar models

    unless you have some sort of insight into the classic car market 150k #$%#ing euros is a lot of money to have tied into this
  4. guy sitting at his computer having a noon-time tube of mickeys sure knows a lot huh do you have a lot of experience with restoring cars in your midnight runs to wendys 3 blocks away
  5. Reckon you're probably right, have also seen a spike in the price of choice 80's cars like the Trans Ams, and done up 5.0 mustangs. I generally follow the Japanese market though, other than Z cars not much has taken off, except for the well kept rwd corollas and some "rust free" land cruisers.

    Also just had a look at the going rate of a 914, a couple of summers ago there were a bunch for sale here round the 2-4 grand mark, runners. damn.
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