Columbia Jackets

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Maroon Beret, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. anybody own one, or know anything about them?

    i'm thinking of getting one... it's last year's model... super cheap.. half price... but i'm just wondering how it compares to something like GoreTex... i'm know it's not as good as the Goretex XCR stuff, but ya...

  2. They are the best outdoor cloth ever.
    I own a jacket, two bermudas and they are bullet proof.
  3. Uh, I have one. It's pretty nice. Kept me warm in Alaska (-50*f at times). However, now I live in Arizona... so it's not a whole lot of use. I don't know shit about the "technology" and such though. Mine was the "Fire Ridge" model with a fleece or whatever removable liner. Probably a couple years old now.
  4. this is the titanium stuff.... i dunno which level, he just told me it was dual ply... i shoulda gotten more info before i left...

    but rite now, the price is sitting just about 150cdn plus tax...
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    Check out
  6. ahh i had one once and the zipper ripped off.
  7. My mum has a Columbia jacket, and although it's lower in the spectrum, it's still good quality.

    Goretex stuff is always incredibly good stuff, if you need absolute water resistance. I'm going to go look for a new waterproof light jacket this afternoon so I'll let you know what I get if you like.
  8. i have one. it's the Titanium model. it costed $400 originally but my friend worked at sport supply store and stole me one. so i got it fo free
  9. i have titanium in my wetsuit, i think

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