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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by unrelated, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Letting the chicken soak in the soysauce/wine mixture now and I should be breading the chicken in a few minutes before the cooking starts.

    Get your chopsticks ready kids!
  2. \(^__^\) (/^__^)/
  3. I need to marry an asian girl who can cook so I can eat azn food routinely.
  4. Damn it was better than any chinese take out I've had. Home made is still the best. No msg or all those bull crap. The level of spice was perfect!
  5. Yeah? I'd like to try my hand at something like this eventually... I don't know though, my favorite local Chinese place (which is like a 1/4 mile from my house, conveniently) makes some pretty delicious Kung Pao chicken.
  6. I really want to try ma po tofu from scratch next time. I've used seasoning packs, which is lame.
  7. How do you guys justify the investment of time to cook stuff like that?
  8. how do you justify the investment of time it took you to troll like that?
  9. Silly white Christian.
  10. Because it tastes good.
  11. poast recipe bish

    and dont be skimpy on how you bread your chikin, my process of breading doesn't go beyond chicken parm, and it's not the best.

    I failed so bad at popcorn shrimp the other day, WOAH!
  12. dude we all do.
  13. But good enough to invest an hour of time into it?
  14. i dont know, some people take satisfaction in spending time preparing a a nice meal and enjoying eating it, instead of sitting on the playstation for an extra 45 minutes and driving to the nearest fast food joint at 9/10ths.
  15. no we don't. #$%# that shit.
  16. omg, stfu man
  17. Is that the original cooking michiu you got there?
  18. Put it this way. A lot of parents in Taiwan still make meals for their families everyday. My mom works AND prepares dinner every single day and it doesn't take her more than 45 min to prepare 3 dishes and a soup.

    The more you do it, the better you know how to manage your time, including preparing the ingredients ahead.

    A vegetable dish doesn't take more than 5 min to cook on the pan. Maybe another 2 mins to chop. Meat dishes take a bit longer cus you have to prep the meat, like marinating and what not.

    This dish took abt 30 min. If I was also preparing other dishes, I could do it simultaneously. My own typical meal, from start to finish, usually doesn't take more than 30min to prepare.

    So how do you justify wasting $5 on a crappy sandwich that you could have made in 5min for under $2?

    gtg, will poast recipe later.
  19. You play video games for days at a time. STFU already.
  20. Shouldn't you be using a proper NON-nonstick iron pan of some kind?
  21. Nice. We having Apricot Chicken tonight
  22. fuuuuuuck just wanna eat chinese food
  23. Some people cook as a hobby whoaaa <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>

    I spend about an hr in the kitchen a day making dinner, doing dishes and making lunch for the next day at work. To me it's better than blue rays, because the resolution is like infinite, and also the FPS is unreal. Kind of like I have ten HDMI cables hooked into my brain.

    Just imagine it's a hot new game called 'Grand Chef Tomatoe 10: Spice City' and you play as the main character; a young Chef trying to steal his way into the big leagues of Professional Cooking.
  24. i had african palava today. gooooooood shit.

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