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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MontoyaFan, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. why is it that when i install something in my computer, it becomes really really slow and it uses all of the rams available?

    am using vista 64 and 4 g of ram
  2. delete half of your porn
  3. Vista sucks.
  4. When you're installing things, stuff has to happen. Things move around and make noises. If I could install stuff without things happening, I would do it all the time.
  5. but the cpu is working at less than 5% why does the ram max out?
  6. RAM is there to be used. The fact that it's maxxed out means that something had a reason to use it. The only other option would be to swap/page stuff in and out of the hard drive, which is monumentally slower.
  7. george bush sabotaged your cpu
  8. What would be of far more use to you and us is to open up Task Manager and show us your processes, so we'd know what it actually is that's eating all your RAM.
  9. been using for 18 months now.. no serious issues, and no blue screens so far.
  11. format your harddrive/life

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